Dr Dominic Cortis

Dr Dominic Cortis

Dr Dominic Cortis



Room 318
FEMA Building
University of Malta
As a lecturer and associate actuary with experience in diverse projects, I can confer complex ideas in a clear concise manner. This ability has also been used to publish academic research spanning from analysing medicinal trials to telematics take-up in insurance products. I couple the technical expertise earned during my later training with the pedagogical skills gained during my first degree in education in my teaching. My communication of methodology and results is tailored to the stakeholders' requirements. I have been involved in risk/solvency measurement and management from both an operator's and regulator's perspective.

Within the higher education sector, I act as an external examiner for actuarial programs and am currently leading the development of the core readings and sample papers for the IFoA's new actuarial mathematics and modelling streams (CM1 & CM2).
  • Actuarial Science
  • Risk
  • Betting Markets
  • Monte Carlo Methods
  • Exotic Derivative pricing and risk measurement

CORTIS, D., in press. On Developing a Solvency Framework for Bookmakers. Variance: Advancing the Science of Risk, .

  • EMA1008 - Quantitative Analysis for Business 1
  • EMA1009 - Quantitative Analysis for Business 2
  • INS2090 - Insurance Financial Management
  • INS3100 - Actuarial Science 1
  • INS5006 - Risk Transfer Accounting