Prof. Duncan Paul Mercieca

Prof. Duncan Paul Mercieca

Prof. Duncan Paul Mercieca

 M.Ed.(Inclusive Education),M.Ed.(Philosophy of Education),Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Room 230
Humanities B (FEMA)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3699
Duncan Mercieca is an Associate Professor at the University of Malta. He lectures Philosophy of Education in the Department of Education Studies, Faculty of Education. He studied at the University of Malta, the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and Stirling University in Scotland.

His current interests are:
the concepts of becoming in educational contexts;
Ethical and philosophical issues in education;
issues of diversity and otherness;
issues of inclusion and disability;
critique of educational research and its 'methods';
initial teacher education.

Before joining the Faculty of Education, he had experiences teaching in Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary and Special Education settings. He was Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education and Head of Department of Education Studies.

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  • ACA5036 - Introduction to Educational Thought
  • EDS1325 - History and Philosophy of Early Childhood Education and Care
  • EDS3214 - Philosophical Conversations on Education
  • EDS5001 - Themes in Education 1
  • EDS5004 - Research Component A: Preparing for the Dissertation
  • EDS5012 - Becoming a Responsible Citizen
  • EDS5013 - Understanding the Self and Others
  • EDS5019 - Teaching Controversial Issues in the Ethics Classroom
  • EDS5022 - Exploring Curriculum Issues in the Teaching of Ethics
  • EDU5970 - Fundamentals of Educational Research
  • EDU5971 - Applied Educational Research Methods
  • LLI5001 - Field Placement 1