Dr Giselle Spiteri Miggiani

Dr Giselle Spiteri Miggiani

Dr Giselle Spiteri Miggiani

  B.A.,D.Lett.(Firenze), M.A.(Roma),Ph.D. (Melit.)


Room 308B
Old Humanities Building
University of Malta
Giselle Spiteri Miggiani is a lecturer in the Department of Translation, Terminology and Interpreting Studies. She introduced Audiovisual Translation as a new area of studies locally, and teaches and coordinates this specialisation stream. She also acts as guest speaker and visiting lecturer at other foreign universities. She has lectured at the Università degli Studi di Torino, University College London, University of Roehampton, La Sapienza di Roma, Universidad de Sevilla, ISTRAD, University of Essex, Universidad Europea, Council of the EU, EU Parliament.

She holds a PhD in Italian Studies, an MA in dramatic Literature, and an MA in Audiovisual Translation. She conducted her studies and research at the Università degli Studi di Firenze, Università Federico II (Naples), UNINT (Rome), and the University of Malta.

She is a professional audiovisual translator and dubbing scriptwriter of TV series, films, and documentaries broadcast on the Italian television network (RAI, Mediaset) since 2006, and delivers training and consultancy to media localisation companies globally.

Apart from her global and industry-oriented research on dubbing, her current work focuses on the development of media and culture access in Malta, access intended on a linguistic and sensory level. To this end, she has developed local inclusive subtitling guidelines for practitioners and stakeholders. She strives to bridge the gap between academia and professional practice by including collaborative projects in the course programme and involving students in pioneering initiatives.

She is the author of the international peer-reviewed monograph "Dialogue Writing for Dubbing - an insider’s perspective" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019), which is being adopted as a textbook at foreign academic institutions.
  • Audiovisual Translation/Media Localisation
  • Inclusive Arts and Media
  • Media localisation global trends, standards and new technologies (apps, cloud-based tools)
  • Bridging Academia and the Media Localisation industry (knowledge transfer/impact)
  • Bridging Audiovisual Translation and Film Studies
  • Dubbing adaptation strategies, know-how, didactic training
  • Dubbing adaptation in English (Issues and proposed strategies)

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  • ITL2015 - Letteratura comparata italo-maltese
  • TTI5002 - Beyond translation: Linguistic and cultural adaptation on screen
  • TTI5003 - AVT Techniques 1: Revoicing Modes
  • TTI5004 - AVT Techniques 2: Captioning Modes
  • TTI5013 - Approaches to Audiovisual Translation
  • TTI5015 - Inclusive Arts and Media - Towards an Accessible Filmmaking and Theatremaking Approach