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Dr Natasha Buontempo

Dr Natasha Buontempo


Assistant Lecturer
European & Comparative Law
Faculty of Laws
Room 309
University of Malta
contact+356 2340 3487

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Dr Natasha Buontempo received her BA in law in 2001, LL.D in 2004 and MA in Law in 2009 from the University of Malta. She is currently in her final year of her Ph.D at the University of Strathclyde (UK). Before joining the University of Malta as resident academic, she assisted various judges in judgment drafting at the Civil Courts and the Court of Appeal (Malta).

Her main research interests lie in comparative law in the areas of EU Law, broadly defined, EU Employment Law, Human Rights Law and Administrative Law.

She has served as national legal expert and national legal rapporteur for research carried out by the European Commission on various occasions, as well as for academic entities.

During the Maltese Council Presidency (Jan-June 2017) she served as Deputy Chair in the Council Working Party on Fundamental Rights (EU) (FREMP) (Istanbul Convention).

She is a Member of the Chamber of Advocates (Malta) and an Associate Member of the Employment Lawyers Association (UK).

Research Interests & Publications

Research Interests

  • European Union Law
  • EU Labour Law
  • Fundamental Rights (EU & ECHR)
  • Law of the Institutions (EU & COE)
  • Law of the Internal Market (EU)
  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law

Selected Publications

Buontempo, N. 2017, "The Principle of Subsidiarity in the European Convention", GhsL, vol. XXVII.

Buontempo, N. 2016, "The Components of the Principle of Proportionality", GhsL, vol. XXVI.

Buontempo, N. 2010, The Doctrine of Judicial Review in French Administrative Law and EU Administrative Law:  a Comparative Study, MA (Laws) edn, University of Malta, Malta.

Buontempo, N. 2010, "Judicial Review of Administrative Acts in the European Union and in France: A Comparison.", Id-Dritt, V Perici Calasione (ed), University of Malta (2010), vol. XIV.

Buontempo, N. 2007, , Introduction to Judicial Review of Administrative Action in Malta
Legal: National State Local o Published: April 13, 2009

This article introduces the reader to the Maltese Judicial Review of Administrative Action. Maltese doctrine is closely related to and considerably based on English doctrine.
Available: Article Source: [2013, .

Buontempo, N. 2007, , Maltese Law on Property - The Contract of Emphyteusis
Legal: Real Estate Law o Published: December 18, 2007
. Available: [2013, .

Buontempo, N. 2007, , Maltese Rent Laws
Real Estate: Leasing Renting o Published: November 30, 2007
. Available: [2013, .

Buontempo, N. 2004, Governmental Liability in Tort and in Cases of Judicial Review, LL.D edn, University of Malta, Malta.


* National rapporteur for FIDE XXVI Congress Copenhagen 2014, Copenhagen University, on Union Citizenship: Development, Impact
and Challenges.

* Collaborator in an interdisciplinary project of Leiden University and VU University Amsterdam relative to ALMP related sanctioning
in social assistance legislation in Malta (EU member states).

* National Legal Expert in a Research Project (Commission EU) for Operational Restrictions in the Retail Sector (2017)

* Deputy Chair Council Working Party on Fundamental Rights (EU) (Istanbul Convention) - Malta EU Council Presidency (2017).

1. The Principle of Subsidiarity in the European Convention; Id-Dritt XXVII; GhsL Publications 2017.
2. The Components of the Principle of Proportionality; Id-Dritt XXVI; GhsL Publications 2016.
3. Judicial Review of Administrative Acts in the European Union and in France: A Comparison; Id-Dritt XIV; GhsL Publications 2010

Publications in progress:
1. Article 469A COCP: a case of natural death? (Maltese Administrative Law)
2. The Asset and Labour Intensive Doctrine: A Maltese Perspective. (Maltese Employment Law)
3. Right of Association- discrepancy between the TFEU and the Charter of Fundamental Rights? (EU Fundamental Rights)

A Study in Proportionality:
1. The Principle of Proportionality as interpreted and applied by the Maltese Constitutional Court. (fundamental rights/legal
2. The Principle of Proportionality as interpreted and applied by the European Court of Human Rights.(fundamental rights/legal
3. The Principle of Proportionality as interpreted by the CJEU in fundamental rights cases.


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