Rev. Dr Rene Camilleri

Rev. Dr Rene Camilleri

Rev. Dr Rene Camilleri


Senior Lecturer

Fundamental & Dogmatic Theology
Room 321
Humanities A (Laws,Theology,Criminology)
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2766
Rev. Dr René Camilleri is Senior Lecturer of Fundamental and Dogmatic Theology as well as the Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation in the Archdiocese of Malta. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University on The “sensus fidei” of the whole Church and the Magisterium: From the time of Vatican I to Vatican Council II under the supervision of Francis A. Sullivan, S.J. in 1986. He was Delegate for Catechesis at the Archdiocese of Malta from 2007–2015 and a regular contributor on the Sunday Times of Malta.
  • Ecclesiology
  • Faith and Culture
  • Evangelisation
  • Christian Anthropology
  • FDT1020 - The Mystery of Christ
  • FDT1200 - Revelation and the Faith - Reason Conflict
  • FDT3260 - Christology and Ecclesiology
  • FDT3990 - Synoptic Study-unit 2: Fundamental and Dogmatic Theology
  • FDT4400 - Faith and Revelation (Select Issues)
  • FDT4710 - Christology and Mariology
  • FDT4900 - Synoptic Study-Unit 2: Dogma
  • FDT5600 - The Church at the Margins: Select Issues on Christianity and Culture Today
  • FDT5612 - Faith, Dialogue and the Public Sphere
  • THL3161 - Synoptic Study-Unit Paper 3 - Fundamental and Dogmatic Theology
A. Conferences Abroad :

1. 17 - 22 September, 2015. Attended The International and Interdisciplinary Congress in Zagreb : “Contemporaneity,
Awareness, Ethics, Psychotherapy” and read a Paper “The Spiritual Situation of the Age” to be published in due time in the
Congress Papers.

2. 04 - 07 February, 2016. Attended Conference in Dublin on “Tools for Evangelisation in Today’s Church”.

3. 17 / 05 - 21 / 05, 2016. Attended the EuroCat Meeting in Cichester, Great Britain on : “The Catechumenate in Europe
Today” where I read a Report on “Church and Religion in Changing Malta”.

B. Projects :

4. 07 / 10 - 04 / 11, 2015. Course held at the University of Malta premises on “Issues in Theology Today” with The Drachma

5. 8th July, 2016. Half Day Seminar on “Sexual Education in Schools” as In-Service Training for PSCD and Religion Teachers in
Church and State Schools.

6. 19th March 2016. Read a Paper on “Il-Volontarjat u s-Servizzi Soċjali” in a Day Conference in Gozo.

7. Presently I am working on a Proposal to revise the Religion Syllabus requested by the Matsec Board of the University of

8. I am a regular weekly writer on The Sunday Times of Malta.