Dr Salvatore Giuffre

Dr Salvatore Giuffre

Dr Salvatore Giuffre

 B.A.(Hons),M.A.(EastAsianStud.)(Bologna),Ph.D.(Lyon III)


Room 108
Block A (Portacabins)
Car Park 6
University of Malta
  +356 2340 3984
Dr Salvatore Giuffré has been a full-time academic at the Department of Oriental Studies since 2015. His academic formation is both in modern Western and East Asian languages, literature and philosophy (German, Greek, Chinese and Japanese). His lecturing portfolio at UM mainly includes courses on Chinese language, literature and history.

He was awarded a PhD in East Asian Studies by the University Jean Moulin - Lyon III, France, in 2018. His areas of interest and research include literary comparative studies, mainly on Romanticism and Aesthetics, transtextuality and transculturalism between Western and modern Chinese literature (Republican Era) as well as modern Japanese literature (Meiji, Taisho and Early Showa periods).

Given his educational background, Giuffré is also interested in Hellenic Studies (mainly medieval and modern Greek philology) and is currently also conducting research on Greek Romanticism as well as on transcultural evidence between Greek texts (from antiquity to modern times) and East Asian literature.

Giuffré currently also lectures on Chinese history and culture at the Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has been involved into various projects pertaining to the promotion, teaching and learning of Chinese (Mandarin) as a foreign language in Malta.

As from October 2018, Giuffré acts as co-director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Malta.
  • Modern Chinese Literature
  • Comparative Romanticism and Aesthetics (Greek, Chinese and Japanese)
  • Medieval and Modern Greek Philology

GIUFFRÉ, S., 2019 (forthcoming). A Man is an Island: A Transtextual Study on the Chinese Sonnets of Feng Zhi. Malta: Malta University Press.

GIUFFRÉ, S., 2019. A Brief Transcultural Reading of the Greek Myth of Orpheus and His Quest in the Modern Sonnets of Feng Zhi. Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics, 42(2), pp. 91-102.

GIUFFRÉ, S., 2019. The Cold Romantic Face of Modernity and Individual Freedom in the German Trilogy of Mori Ōgai . New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, 21(1), pp. 95-108.

GIUFFRÉ, S., 2017. Il sonetto veneziano di Feng Zhi. Quaderni Asiatici, 118, pp. 61-76.

GIUFFRÉ, S., 2017. The State of Loneliness as a Source of Poetic Creativity in Feng Zhi’s Early Writings. New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, 19(1), pp. 23-36.

  • CHN1017 - Chinese Language 2
  • CHN2004 - Chinese Language 4
  • CHN2009 - Pre-modern Chinese Literature until the Early 1920s: The Short-Story Writers
  • CHN3003 - Reading and Translating Chinese
  • CHN3006 - Chinese Language 6
  • CHN5001 - An Overview of Chinese History and Culture
  • ORS1102 - Methods of Research