Prof. Stelios Bekiros

Prof. Stelios Bekiros

Prof. Stelios Bekiros



Room 223
FEMA Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 6524
Chair Full Professor of FinAI, Econometrics & Data Science.
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Professor Dr. Stelios Bekiros (PhD, MEng, MSc, Dipl.-Ing, BEng) holds the Chair of FinAI, Econometrics & Data Science in the Faculty of Economics & Management (FEMA) at the University of Malta. He is Research Full Professor at the IPAG Business School, Visiting Full Professor & Senior Fellow of the LSE Health Center, Department of Health Policy, London School of Economics (LSE), Senior Fellow at RCEA, Senior Fellow of LABEX ReFi, ADEMU Senior Fellow at the EUI etc. In the past, he held academic positions in distinguished universities, research centres/institutions mainly in the Netherlands, Italy, France, UK and Greece. He has worked as expert consultant in the public and private sectors in many countries, at the EC, and as advisor in ministries of finance, education and economic development. He acts as expert evaluator for NSERC, NSF, EU-REA, SNF, WES-Ifo Institute, La Caixa Institute, Bank of Finland, CEPR etc. During the last twenty years he served as PI, project manager in many EU and national research projects and has been awarded numerous grants and fellowships. IDEAS, Web of Science and Scopus, rank Prof. Bekiros among the top 5% authors worldwide. He serves as Editor, Co-Editor and Assc. Editor for 20 prestigious Journals of all major publishers (Elsevier, INFORMS, Springer-Nature, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, IEEE). His work, with presently over 320 articles, has been published in the most renowned journals and books/proceedings in many fields. His current research interests include Quantum Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Econophysics, FinTech/DeFi, Bioinformatics, Computational Econometrics, Health Policy, Epigenomics, Big Data Science, Extreme and Bayesian Statistics, Complex Systems, Computational Medicine, Financial Engineering, Monetary Policy etc. He holds a BEng, a Dipl.-Ing and an MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering (spec. AI, Control Systems, Software Engineering) from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), an MSc in Decision Sciences (spec. AI, Statistics, Financial Engineering, Operations Research) and a PhD in Big Data Science & Computational Econometrics with Machine Learning, from Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB).
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Quantum Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Bioinformatics / Epigenomics / Computational Medicine,
  • Big Data Science & Econometrics
  • Extreme and Bayesian Statistics
  • Chaos, Econophysics & Complex Systems
  • Finance / FinAI / DeFi / FinTech
  • BKF3320 - Econometrics for Banking and Finance
  • BKF4101 - Time Series Analysis 1
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1. Quantum computing, Quantum AI & Machine Learning:
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3. Blockchain, Blueprint for a New Economy:
4. Machine Learning & FinAI :
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