Prof. Vasilis Valdramidis

Prof. Vasilis Valdramidis

Prof. Vasilis Valdramidis


Associate Professor

Room 71
Block A1 Level 1
Mater Dei Hospital
  +356 2340 1157
Vasilis Valdramidis graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki at the Department of Food Science and Technology (Greece). Part of his degree was held at the University of Nottingham, UK and ATO-DLO, Wageningen, the Netherlands. He was awarded his PhD at Catholic University of Leuven (Department of Chemical Engineering), Belgium, for research on Predictive Modelling in Foods. He undertook post doctoral research at the Agricultural University of Athens (Greece) in Predictive Modelling, the Agri-Food and Bioscience Institute (Nothern Ireland) in non-thermal technologies and the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (France) in food equipment Hygiene. He was also a research and teaching fellow at the Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) and the University College Dublin (Ireland) before joining University of Malta in Food Science at the Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition.

Prof. Valdramidis works within the area of food processing and microbiology. He is leading a strong group in the area of food safety and processing. He has published 74 publications in peer reviewed journals, 1 publication in other journal, 5 book editions, 15 book chapters, 104 international conference papers. Other information: publication years:
17, h index : 29 (from Google Scholar March 2020). He is in editorial boards of International peer-reviewed Journals (4 in total). Furthermore, he acts as associate Editor in 1 International Journal. He is also member of the International Committee of Predictive Modeling in Foods, the International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene of the IUMS, while he served as a Publication Committee member at the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Europe. In 2014, he has been awarded the W. H. Pierce Prize for his substantial contribution to bacteriology. He has supervised more than 24 PhD, MSc by research and taught MSc students at three different EU Institutions (DIT, Ireland;, UCD, Ireland) and UM, Malta).

He has been awarded more than 20 fellowships or awards and is or has been actively involved in the management, coordination and/or scientific reporting of different EU Framework (PROTECT, SUIT4FOOD, DiTec, RePear, Q-Safe, BUGDEATH), Flemish (IWT), French (SIMPFRI) and U.K. (British Council) projects.
  • Predictive microbiology/modelling
  • Innovative non-thermal and disinfection technologies
  • Food safety
  • Food preservation
  • Application of natural antimicrobials for food preservation

DARMANIN, M., KOZAK, D., DE OLIVEIRA MALLIA, J., BLUNDELL, R., GATT, R. and VALDRAMIDIS, V.P., 2020. Generation of plasma functionalized water: Antimicrobial assessment and impact on seed germination.

BOVI, G.G., FROHLING, A., PATHAK, N., VALDRAMIDIS, V.P. and SCHLUTER, O., 2019. Safety Control of Whole Berries by Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Processing: A Review. Journal of food protection, 82(7), pp. 1233-1243.

POSSAS, A., VALDRAMIDIS, V., GARCÍA-GIMENO, R.M. and PÉREZ-RODRÍGUEZ, F., 2019. High hydrostatic pressure processing of sliced fermented sausages: A quantitative exposure assessment for Listeria monocytogenes.

DECELIS, S., SARDELLA, D., TRIGANZA, T., BRINCAT, J.P., GATT, R. and VALDRAMIDIS, V.P., 2017. Assessing the anti-fungal efficiency of filters coated with zinc oxide nanoparticles. Royal Society open science, 4(5), pp. 161032.

SARDELLA, D., GATT, R. and VALDRAMIDIS, V.P., 2017. Physiological effects and mode of action of ZnO nanoparticles against postharvest fungal contaminants.

MILLAN-SANGO, D., MCELHATTON, A. and VALDRAMIDIS, V.P., 2015. Determination of the efficacy of ultrasound in combination with essential oil of oregano for the decontamination of Escherichia coli on inoculated lettuce leaves. Food Research International, 67(0), pp. 145-154.

SMET, C., NORIEGA, E., VAN MIERLO, J., VALDRAMIDIS, V.P. and VAN IMPE, J.F., 2015. Influence of the growth morphology on the behavior of Salmonella Typhimurium and Listeria monocytogenes under osmotic stress. Food Research International, 77, pp. 515-526.

DOLAN, K.D., VALDRAMIDIS, V.P. and MISHRA, D.K., 2013. Parameter estimation for dynamic microbial inactivation: which model, which precision? Food Control, 29(2), pp. 401-408.

VALDRAMIDIS, V.P., GRAHAM, W.D., BEATTIE, A., LINTON, M., MCKAY, A., FEARON, A.M. and PATTERSON, M.F., 2009. Defining the stability interfaces of apple juice: Implications on the optimisation and design of High Hydrostatic Pressure treatment. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 10(4), pp. 396-404.

  • FEH1006 - General Food Physics, Chemistry and Microbiology in Practice
  • FEH1013 - An Introduction to Laboratory Skills
  • FEH1103 - An Introduction to Mathematical Techniques in Food Science
  • FEH2002 - Laboratory Methods in Food Studies
  • FEH3007 - Placement
  • FEH5100 - Modelling Techniques in Health Sciences
  • FEH5101 - Quantitative Tools for Sustainable Food and Energy in the Food Chain
  • FSN1016 - Food Technology
  • FSN5102 - Sustainable Intervention Technologies for Controlling Food Safety and Stability
  • HSC1003 - An Introduction to Research Methods in the Health Sciences

Journal of Food Protection (since 2018)

Food Research International (since 2014)

Current Opinion in Food Science (since 2013)

Malta Journal of Health Sciences (since 2013)

Journal of Applied Microbiology (since 2009)

Letters in Applied Microbiology (since 2009)

Chairmanships - Memberships

Board member of Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Malta (2018 - now).

Doctoral Committee Member of Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Malta (2018 - now).

Member of the 'The International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene (ICFMH) of the IUMS (since 2015)

Member of the 9th International Conference of Predictive Modelling in Food, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, September 8-12, 2015

Co-leader of WG4 : Ways of prevention and intervention of MPNS COST Action FA1202 A
European Network For Mitigating Bacterial Colonisation and Persistence On Foods and Food Processing Environments, 2012-2016.

Chairman of the 2nd workshop of the Food Industrial Advisory Platform of Malta 22nd of
October 2013, Valletta, Malta.

Chair of the session: Data collection, 8th International Conference of Predictive Modelling of Food Quality and Safety, Paris,
September 16-20, 2013.

Publication Committee (PC) member of International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Europe. (April 2013- December 2014).

Chairman of the 1st workshop of the Food Industrial Advisory Platform of Malta 12th of December 2012, Valletta, Malta.

Member of International Committee of Predictive Modelling in Food. 2011-now (

Chairman of the 7th International Conference of Predictive Modelling of Food Quality and Safety, Dublin, September 12-15,

Member of the scientific committee of the '11th International Congress on Engineering and Food' ICEF11, Athens (Greece),
May 22-26, 2011.

Member of the Technical Committee of the 'Predictive Modelling in Foods, 6th International Conference on Predictive
Modelling in Foods' Washington (US), 2009.

Member of Institute of Food Technologies (IFT).

Member of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP).

Member of Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM).