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The aims of the HUMS Programme are the following:

  • to encourage and facilitate research that brings together the academic interests of academic members from the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and the Faculty of Science. 
  • to promote interdisciplinary dialogue between the sciences including medicine and the humanities
  • to hold regular meetings, seminars, and conferences in which to present research ideas, discuss work in progress and generally promote the sharing of knowledge
  • to create and maintain an electronic portal for the publication, discussion and dissemination of research
  • to offer study-units that may be included in the postgraduate programmes of the respective Faculties, and to encourage student research in this field
  • to collaborate with local and foreign centres, programmes and individuals working in the same direction
  • to provide scope for academic members from other faculties to join in the broader process of substituting interdisciplinary integration for the traditional Science-Humanities dualism.


Last Updated: 17 May 2013

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