This deliverable reports on the results of the task “Platforms survey and extensions” of work package (WP) 4 “Tool support”. The goals of WP4 are to enhance and develop tools and technologies for the reliability of API-based (Application Programming Interface) systems. WP4 aims to realise the tool support for the round-trip engineering advocated by b-APIs (behavioural APIs). More specifically, WP4 concerns

  • new model-driven approaches to testing and verifying behavioural properties of APIs,
  • the development of reverse-engineering techniques (ranging from type inference to machine learning), and
  • extensions of industrial frameworks.

This report describes our assessment of the state-of-the-art (O.4.1) achieved by reviewing the existing tools/platforms. The key criteria of the assessment are

  • the possible integration among existing prototypes and tools (O.4.2)
  • extendibility of prototypes, platforms, and tools in the light of the round-trip engineering methodologies advocated in BehAPI. Of particular interest are the functionalities for the management, testing, verification, and monitoring of b-APIs.

This first version of the deliverable concerns with the state-of-the-art (T.4.1) and does not touch upon T.4.2 and T.4.3; the progress on these tasks will be reported upon in the subsequent revisions of this deliverable (due in M24 and M36).

This is a public deliverable and can be accessed here.

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