This deliverable assesses the use of top-down, bottom-up, and round-trip tool support for engineering b-APIs (behavioural application programming interfaces). The deliverable is related to the tasks “Top-down DevOps1 support” (T4.2), “Bottom-up DevOps support” (T4.3), and “Tool interoperability” (T4.4) of work package 4 (WP4) “Tool support”. The goals of WP4 are to enhance and develop tools and methodologies for the reliability of API-based systems. A main goal is to support round-trip engineering techniques by

  • adopting new model-driven approaches to account for behavioural properties of APIs in software quality,
  • developing reverse-engineering techniques (ranging from type inference to machine learning).

This report describes our assessment of engineering techniques for b-APIs (O.4.2), level of integration of artefacts (O.4.2), and artefacts interoperability (O.4.3). The report also comments about continuous development (O.4.4). Of particular interest are the functionalities for the management, testing, verification, and monitoring of b-APIs. Activities on the tasks mentioned above have started toward the end of the first year; hence all the related objectives have been partially achieved and will progress in the remaining period of the project.

This is a public deliverable and can be accessed here.

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