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Three partners make up the t-cheesimal consortium, with UoM as lead partner, CoRFiLaC as PP2 and the University of Catania as PP3



The University of Malta - Institute of Earth Systems

The University of Malta is the highest public state financed teaching institution; geared towards the infrastructural and industrial needs of the country so as to provide expertise in crucial fields. The Earth Systems approach, around which the new Institute is structured, goes beyond traditional disciplinary investigation, adopting a wide and integrated perspective of Earth's dynamic systems and of interactions between system components. In particular, Earth Systems addresses the need for considering people and their activities within planning and management frameworks. The new framework provided by the Institute of Earth Systems will enable more cooperative and synergistic teaching and research in this regard.



CoRFiLaC - Consorzio di Ricerca Filiera Lattiero-Casearia is a Sicilian dairy research centre situated at Ragusa, which has been in operation since 1996. Research at CorFiLaC revolves around characterisation of traditional methods and practices in the production of cheeses. The main focus of the research centre is the evaluation of food safety in the making of traditional cheeses, the characterisation of aromatic and sensorial properties derived from the speficity of territory investigated and the nutritional value in the traditional cheeses. CorFiLaC also provides an extension service for herdsman and cheese producers, assisting them throughout the whole chain of production starting from forage analysis and diet formulation to milk and cheese analysis, implimentation of the best milking technology available, ensuring herd management and animal welfare for maximum yields and finally supervision of correct cheese making and aging procedures.



University of Catania - Established way back in 1434, The University of Catania is one of the oldest Universities in Italy. The Department of science of agricultural production and food has been recently set up combining two other departments at the university with the aim of contributing towards improving training and research in agriculture, food production and environmental protection in the Mediterranean Basin and to prepare future professionals who will promote the knowledge in these fields, offering a service to society. The Department has several laboratories to support research and teaching and is an active participant in funding activities to promote and enhance the transfer of innovation and capabilities generated within the Department.





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