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Glossary of acronyms and terminology used
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APQRU   Academic Programmes Quality and Resources Unit, within the PVC
Bologna Process   The process of harmonization of higher education provision within the EHEA
ECTS   European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System
EHEA   European Higher Education Area
ENQA   European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
EQA   External Quality Audit
EQAR   European Quality Assurance Register
EQF   European Qualifications Framework
ESG   European Standards and Guidelines
External review   Commissioned by the University as part of its own internal quality assurance procedures
HESA   Higher Education Statistics Agency
IQA   Internal Quality Assurance 
MQF   Malta Qualifications Framework
NCFHE   National Commission for Further and Higher Education
PVC   Programme Validation Committee, University of Malta
QA   Quality Assurance
QAC   Quality Assurance Committee 
QS Unit    Quality Support Unit
Quality Assurance   Quality of processes to ensure the quality of the outcomes
Quality Audits   Systematic investigations of a specific area of operations
Quality Control   Quality of finished outcomes by the detection of defects
Quality Culture   A holistic framework of values and beliefs and subsequent shared by all members and stakeholders of an educational community, that underpin a comprehensive structure of policies, strategies, procedures and effective action intended to continuously improve the educational experience and outcomes of the institution 
Quality Cycle   A planned cyclical sequence of systematic and documented activities to identify areas for improvements, implement change and reflect to progress made
Last Updated: 18 September 2017

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