Creative Writing Platform

Creative Writing Platform

  1. A Platform for Creative Writing is being set up within the Faculty of Arts.

  2. The aims of the Platform are the following:
    (a) to promote excellence in Creative Writing across its different expressions
    (b) to hold regular meetings, symposia and conferences in which to present ideas, discuss work in progress, listen to guest speakers and promote the sharing of outlooks in areas relating to Creative Writing
    (c) to act as a creative hub bringing together writers of known ability and potential, from the University or outside of it, to talk about their writing, to derive support and encouragement from each other, and to promote Creative Writing more generally
    (d) to provide services to aspiring and established writers, including individual manuscript consultations, public readings and talks, information on the publishing process and connections to both local and international writing communities
    (e) to host periodically, as ‘Writer in Residence’, an accomplished professional writer on a temporary residential post who would conduct seminars and workshops, give talks, share insights and generally act as mentor and be available for consultation and manuscript advice
    (f) to collaborate with centres and programmes on Creative Writing and with individuals, both local and foreign, working in the area.

  3. The Platform shall have the following structure:
    (a) a Chairperson, who is the Dean of the Faculty of Arts or his nominee, and a Board appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Board of Arts
    (b) the Board shall consist of members who are familiar with developments and practices in Creative Writing across its different expressions
    (c) the Board shall be responsible for the implementation of the aims outlined in paragraph 2
    (d) the appointment of the members of the Board shall be for two years, which can be renewed.

  4. The Platform will operate as a cost centre, subject to the University’s financial regulations.

Approved by Senate on 19 June 2014, amended on 9 May 2019

Members on the Board of the Creative Writing Platform
Faculty of Arts

Professor Dominic Fenech

Professor Ivan Callus
Professor James Corby
Professor Mark Anthony Falzon
Professor Adrian Grima
Professor Gloria Lauri-Lucente
Dr Immanuel Mifsud