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The Europass Diploma Supplement Label

The University of Malta has been awarded the Europass Diploma Supplement Label by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission.

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The Europass Diploma Supplement

The Europass Diploma Supplement is a document developed by a group of experts from the European Commission, UNESCO and the Council of Europe, and ties in closely with the Bologna Process objective to create a system of easily readable and comparable documents.

The Europass Diploma Supplement is given to graduates by the institutions of tertiary education who award the diploma or the degree and is intended to provide detailed information concerning the higher education award.  It aims to:

  • improve international ‘transparency’;
  • facilitate the academic and professional recognition of qualifications;
  • improve and assist the mobility of graduates both within the country where the qualification was awarded and abroad, thus removing barriers to working, studying or training in Europe;
  • facilitate the admission of students or graduates for further academic study or further training and provide for a smooth transition from one course to another;
  • place the qualifications in the context of the European Higher Education Area;
  • help graduates to find suitable employment since their Diploma Supplement can easily be compared with that of other job seekers from different countries, thus providing a better chance of having their qualifications understood and assessed fairly.
The Europass Diploma Supplement provides essential information on the nature, level, context, content and status of each higher education qualification. 

It comprises the following eight sections: 

1.    Information identifying the holder of the qualification
2.    Information identifying the qualification
3.    Information on the level of the qualification
4.    Information on the content of the qualification, the results obtained, and ECTS credits awarded
5.    Information on the function of the qualification
6.    Additional information on the qualification
7.    Certification of the Diploma Supplement
8.    Information on the national higher education system.

Europass Diploma Supplement at the University

The University of Malta grants the Europass Diploma Supplement to all successful students who are awarded qualifications at undergraduate or postgraduate level.  The Europass Diploma Supplement is provided in English and is given free of charge and automatically to all graduates during the annual official graduation ceremony, together with the official scroll.

The University of Malta undertook an initial pilot project during the academic year 2005/6 and awarded the first Diploma Supplements to its graduates in European Studies in December 2006.  The following year the Diploma Supplement was issued to a greater number of graduands of other undergraduate courses.

In November/December 2009 the Diploma Supplement was given to the large majority of graduands of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  During the graduation ceremonies held in November/December 2010 all graduates, including doctoral candidates, were awarded the Diploma Supplement.

Programme requirements

The University has developed an online facility Find a Course where detailed information about programmes and areas of study offered is easily accessible to prospective and current students.

Course Regulations

The University Senate has approved general regulations as follows:

In terms of these regulations, each programme is also governed by bye-laws which deal with matters that are more specific to the programme.

The regulations and bye-laws may be accessed from here.

Statistical Information

Requesting a Diploma Supplement

Graduates from 2009 onwards may request additional copies by sending an e-mail request to the Registrar.

In terms of the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 2001, the Europass Diploma Supplement may only be given to graduates or to third parties on the written request of the graduates.

Last Updated: 3 January 2018

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