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Assessments - September session 2020

Assessments - September session 2020

This page is aimed at UM staff and students. This page is regularly updated. Last updated 1 September 2020 at 09:40.

This page contains information about the administration of examinations, assignments, dissertations and theses during the September 2020 Examination Session. All students and staff are encouraged to read carefully the underlying information.

Examinations to be held on campus

  • The University is fully committed to follow all instructions and directions issued by the Health Authorities.
  • Sanitisers will be in place in all examination venues and every person entering the examination venue will be required to sanitise their hands.
  • Every person entering the examination building will be required to wear a mask.
  • All examination halls will be set up in a manner where students will have at least 2 metres distance from each other.
  • Students who on the date of their examination/s are in mandatory quarantine as required by the Health Authorities, should provide the document sent to them by the Authorities to their Faculty Manager/Office in charge before the date of the examination.
  • In such cases only, the University will make arrangements so that students sit for the missed examination/s within a period of up to approximately 15 days from when the mandatory quarantine ends.

Timed and take-home examinations on Exam VLE or WISEflow

Time-constrained and take-home exams will be administered through the Exam VLE or WISEflow.

  • Exam VLE - This VLE has been specifically created for the June 2020 examinations and will also be used for the September examinations. The Exam VLE is very similar to the UM VLE that is used for teaching. It provides more security and better organisation of assessments than the UM VLE. The Exam VLE has the Turnitin plagiarism detection facility.

  • WISEflow - This digital assessment platform will be used for multiple-choice, short-answer, true/false, and other interactive exams. It can be used for file submission type of exams, including essay-based exams. WISEflow has a plagiarism detection facility.
User guides for staff and students are available.  

Assignments, dissertations and theses on UM VLE

Assignments, dissertations and theses will be collected through the UM VLE used for teaching. The existing policies and procedures regarding the electronic submission of assignments, dissertations and theses through the UM VLE will be retained.

  • Assignments and undergraduate dissertations - Tutors will set up the Turnitin assignments activities (draft and final) for assignments and undergraduate dissertations within the respective study-unit area on the UM VLE.

  • Postgraduate dissertations and theses - PG students, supervisors and examiners have access to a PG dissertation area on the UM VLE. Turnitin draft and final activities have already been set up in these areas for students to submit their dissertations. The supervisors will always need to set the due dates of the Turnitin submission drop-boxes.
User guides for staff and students are available.  

Oral examinations and vivas using Zoom

The Zoom videoconferencing platform will be used for oral examinations and vivas. The tutor or examiner/s will create the Zoom meeting and provide the meeting link in the respective study-unit area on the UM VLE.