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Microsoft Word - M-Env-Mgt-Plan-BL-2009.docLegal Notice 282 of 2009 ­ Malta Government Gazette No. 18,498 ­ 23 October 2009
Amended by:
Legal Notice 381 of 2010 ­ Malta Government Gazette No. 18,629 ­ 6 August 2010


Microsoft Word - M-Env-Mgt-Plan-BL-2009.docBye-Laws of 2009 in terms of the General Regulations for University Postgraduate Awards, 2008 for the Degree of Master in Environmental Management and Planning under the auspices of the International Environment Institute

IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred upon him by articles 74 (5) and 75 (6) of the Education Act (Cap. 327), the Chancellor of the University of Malta has promulgated the following bye-laws made by the Board of the International Environment Institute in virtue of the powers conferred upon it by article 81 (1) of the said Act and which have been approved by the Senate of the University of Malta as required by article 81 (2) of the said Act:

Citation and Interpretation

1. (1) These bye-laws may be cited as the Bye-Laws of 2010 in terms of the General Regulations for University Postgraduate Awards, 2008 for the degree of Master in Environmental Management and Planning under the auspices of the Institute of Earth Systems.

(2) In these bye-laws, unless the context otherwise requires -

"the Board" means the Board of the Institute of Earth Systems;

"the Course" means the programme of study leading to the degree of Master in Environmental Management and Planning;

"the Degree" means the degree of Master in Environmental Management and Planning;

"the Postgraduate Diploma" means the Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management and Planning; and

"the Principal Regulations" means the General Regulations for University Postgraduate Awards, 2008.


2. These bye-laws shall be applicable for courses commencing in February 2009 or later.

Requirements for Admission

3. (1) The Course shall be open to applicants in possession of:

(a) a first cycle degree in a relevant area of study classified with at least Second Class Honours; or

(b) a Postgraduate Diploma in a relevant discipline.

(2) In exceptional cases, the Admissions Board on the recommendation of the Board, may admit into the Course applicants not in possession of the qualifications listed in paragraph (1) of this bye-law, provided that it is satisfied that such applicants are in possession of other academic or professional qualifications and experience that together are deemed to be comparable to the level of a first degree.

(3) In appropriate cases, the Board may require applicants admitted to the Degree to follow supplementary study-units and obtain credit amounting to a maximum of 5 credits of relevant study in addition to the programme specified in bye-law 5. Such credits will not be taken into consideration in the computation of the final classification of the awards.

Duration of Course

4. The Course shall extend over four semesters of full-time study or the equivalent in part-time study.

Programme of Study

5. The programme of study shall comprise study-units to which a total of 120 credits are assigned, of which 90 credits are assigned to the taught study-units and 30 credits are assigned to the dissertation study-unit.

6. Students who obtain an average mark of at least 50% for the 60 credits assigned to taught study-units at the appropriate level and do not proceed with the Course, or having proceeded do not successfully complete it, shall be eligible for the award of the Postgraduate Diploma.

7. The programme of study shall be published after approval by Senate, normally not less than eight months prior to the commencement of the Course.

Assessment and Progress

8. (1) The assessment of each taught study-unit shall be completed by the end of the semester in which the teaching of the study-unit is held.

(2) Students who in any academic year fail in the assessment of not more than 20 credits for taught study-units if following the full-time Course, or not more than 10 credits if following the part-time Course, shall be given the opportunity to re-sit the failed assessments during the September supplementary examination session.

(3) Students who fail in more than the number of credits permitted under paragraph (2) of this bye-law or students who after re-assessment fail to obtain the credits for any study-unit, shall be deemed to have failed the Course.

(4) Students shall be allowed to proceed to the dissertation study-unit subject to obtaining the credits assigned to all taught study-units with a minimum average mark of 65%.


9. (1) Students shall be required to submit an individual dissertation of approximately 25,000 words in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Board.

(2) Work on the dissertation shall be undertaken during the fourth semester of the Course. Each student shall be assigned a supervisor who shall provide guidance and advice on a regular basis during the period of study.

(3) A provisional title for the dissertation and a detailed research proposal shall be submitted to the Board for approval by the beginning of the third semester.

10. (1) Students shall be required to have regular contact with their supervisor.

(2) Supervisors shall submit to the Board progress reports for each student under their supervision at the end of each semester of studies, whether the student is following the Course on a full-time or a part-time basis. Such reports may include a recommendation to either (a) extend the period of study in order to enable the student to complete the dissertation; or (b) terminate studies prematurely if the supervisor deems this to be proper in the circumstances, provided that:

(i) the extension of the study period referred to in (a) shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Principal Regulations; and

(ii) the Board may not terminate studies prematurely according to (b) until it has first given the student a chance to be heard.

Classification of the Awards

11. The Final Weighted Average Mark for the purpose of the classification of the Postgraduate Diploma and of theDegree shall be based on the results obtained in all the components of the programme of study, all credits being weighted equally.

Special Provisions for Part-Time Courses

12. The provisions of the foregoing bye-laws shall apply mutatis mutandis to courses followed on a part-time basis, and subject to such changes as may reasonably be deemed by the relevant Board as necessary due to the part-time nature of the Course.


13. The Master of Integrated Development Planning Course Regulations, 2005, published as Legal Notice 219 of 2005, shall be deemed to cease to be in force as from 1st February 2009, provided that students registered for this course before 1st February 2009 shall continue to be governed by the regulations that were in force at the time of their joining the course.

Last Updated: 19 September 2012

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