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Microsoft Word - MA-DipSt-2005.docLegal Notice 150 of 2005 - Malta Government Gazette No. 17,772 ­ - 27 May 2005

Microsoft Word - MA-DipSt-2005.docEDUCATION ACT (CAP. 327)

Master of Arts in Diplomatic Studies ­ M.A. (Dip. St.) ­ Degree Course Regulations, 2005

IN exercise of the powers conferred upon him by sections 30(5) and 31(6) of the Education Act (Cap. 327), the Chancellor of the University of Malta has promulgated the following regulations made by the Senate of the University of Malta by virtue of the powers conferred upon it by sections 31 and 35 of the said Act:

Citation and Interpretation

1. (1) These regulations may be cited as the Master of Arts in Diplomatic Studies ­ M.A. (Dip. St.) ­ Degree Course Regulations, 2005.

(2) In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires -

"the Board" means the Board of the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies;

"the Course" means the course of studies leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Diplomatic Studies - M.A. (Dip. St.); and

"the Degree" means the degree of Master of Arts in Diplomatic Studies - M.A. (Dip. St.).


2. These regulations shall apply to courses starting in October 2003 or later.

Qualifications for Admission

3. (1) Applicants for admission to the Course must be in possession of a Bachelor's degree with at least second class honours of the University of Malta or of a degree recognized by Senate as equivalent.

(2) The admission of applicants whose degree is not in law, economics, history or international relations may be made conditional on the result of an interview during which the applicants' ability to complete the proposed studies successfully is tested.

(3) Applicants whose mother tongue is not English must be in possession of a certificate of proficiency in English at the level required by the University.

Course Duration

4. The Course shall extend over twelve months of full-time study.

Course Structure

5. The programme of studies for the Course comprises the folowing components, to which 70 credits shall be assigned:
(a) taught study-units in:

International Relations (10 credits)
International History (10 credits)
International Economics (10 credits)
International Law (10 credits)
Methodology (4 credits)
Dissertation Seminar (4 credits); and

(b) a dissertation, to which 22 credits are assigned, to be written in the field of International Law, International Economics, International Relations or International History.

Catalogue of Study-Units

6. The Board shall draw up a catalogue of study-units. The catalogue shall indicate the level, code, title, description and type of each study-unit, the credits assigned to each study-unit, which study-units are compulsory, concurrent or pre-requisites for other study-units, and the methods of teaching and assessment. The Board shall publish the catalogue prior to the commencement of each Course, following the approval of Senate.


7. Results for the assessment of the study-units and of the dissertation shall be published as a percentage mark and grade as indicated in the table below:

Mark Range    Grade

80% -100%         A
70% - 79%          B
55% - 69%          C
45% - 54%          D
0% - 44%            F

Both the percentage mark and the grade shall be recorded in the students' academic record. However, only the percentage mark shall be used for the purpose of calculating the final classification of the Degree. The marks and grades awarded shall take into account the students' performance in one or more of the following elements, as deemed appropriate by the Board: assignments (to which a percentage of the final marks and grade for the study-unit may be assigned) and written and/or oral examinations.

8. Students who fail to obtain a pass grade in a written and/or oral examination or in an assignment or in both may be allowed to sit for a supplementary examination, or to resubmit the assignment, or both. Students may be allowed to repeat an examination and to resubmit an assignment for a particular study-unit only once.

9. Supplementary assessments are limited to no more than two of the following study-units in: International Law, International Economics,International Relations and International History. Supplementary assessments take place in September.


10. (1) The dissertation is a compulsory component of the Course. It may not exceed 40,000 words and shall deal with a subject falling within one of the fol owing fields: International Law, International Economics, International Relations and International History.

(2) Students shall present a dissertation proposal by not later than the beginning of the second semester. The dissertation topic must be approved by the Board which shall assign a supervisor. The dissertation must be submitted for examination by the end of August.

(3) In special circumstances, the Board may grant students an extension of not more than three months to the submission deadline referred to in paragraph (2) of this regulation.

(4) Students shall submit three copies of the dissertation which must be countersigned by the supervisor, who thereby confirms that the dissertation is the students' own work and conforms to the requirements laid down under paragraph (1) of this regulation.

(5) The Board of Examiners shall be convened by its Chairman to discuss the dissertation. It may also hear, if it deems necessary, the student in defence of the dissertation.

(6) The Board of Examiners may approve the dissertation and recommend the award of the Degree. It may require the student to make corrections or to completely re-write the dissertation within a stated time limit. It may reject the dissertation altogether.

(7) Students whose dissertation is rejected or whose corrections or re-writing are considered inadequate or have not been submitted within the required time limit shall not be awarded the Degree.

Award of the Degree

11. (1) Students who obtain the 70 credits indicated under regulation 5 shall be awarded the Degree.

(2) The final classification of each student shall take into account the results obtained in the assessments of all components of the Course, which shall be weighted according to the number of credits assigned to each.

(3) The names of students who qualify for the award of the Degree shall be published in a list in alphabetical order classified as follows:

Passed with Distinction

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