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Legal Notice 68 of 1998 – Malta Government Gazette No. 16,582 – 24 February 1998


Bye-Laws of 1998 for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy – Ph.D.-in the Faculty of Theology

IN exercise of the powers conferred upon him by sections 30 (5) and 31 (6) of the Education Act (Cap. 327), the Chancellor of the University of Malta has promulgated the following bye-laws made by the Board of the Faculty of Theology in virtue of the powers conferred upon it by section 37 (1) of the said Act and which have been approved by the Senate of the University of Malta as required by section 37 (2) of the said Act:

Citation and interpretation

1.  (1)  These bye-laws may be cited as the Bye-Laws of 1998 for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy – Ph.D. – in the Faculty of Theology.

(2) In these bye-laws unless the context otherwise requires –

“the Board” means the Board of the Faculty of Theology;

“the Degree” means the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy – Ph.D.


2.  These bye-laws shall be applicable from May 1995 onwards.

Admission Requirements

3.  To register directly for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Theology, a candidate should be in possession of a Licentiate or Master’s degree, normally with Distinction, in Theology, Religious Studies or Theology and Human Studies from the University of Malta or analogous degrees awarded by another recognised university.

4.  A student following the M.Phil. degree course in Theology can apply for registration for the Degree after not less than 12 months of full-time or 24 months of part-time study on the recommendation of the student’s supervisor and with the approval of the Board.

5.  Students are normally required to have a thorough reading knowledge of languages of primary and main secondary sources.

6.  The research proposal should be in one of the following fields: Biblical, Historical, Theological (Dogmatic and Moral) or Pastoral.

7.  The proposal should include a brief outline (of approximately 800 words) of the project and should mention the sources on which research will be based.


8.  The supervisor, proposed by the applicant in terms of paragraph (2) of regulation 4 of the Ph.D. Regulations, is to be approved by the Board on the recommendation of the department within which the research proposal falls, prior to the submission of the application to the Senate Ph.D. Committee.

Thesis Format and Presentation

9.  The thesis should normally be between 70,000 and 80,000 words in length, exclusive of references and bibliographies.

10.  A student shall be required to submit a copy of the thesis, adequately bound, to each one of the examiners.  Within three months of passing the examination of the thesis, the student must submit two copies of the thesis, one of which should be deposited at the University Library bound as follows:

In cloth (preferably black) with stiff boards and good quality end papers; with lettering (preferably in gold) on the front and spine showing:
(i) the name of the student;
(ii) the title or short title of the thesis;
(iii) the degree for which the thesis is submitted; and
(iv) the year of submission.

Maps, diagrams, graphs, printed material, etc., should be bound with the thesis, but if this is not possible they should be presented separately in special folders or volumes and numbered.

11.  The text must be typed on A4 sheets, on one side only, in double spacing and with a margin of 40mm to the left and at least 20mm top, bottom and right.

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