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 Online Enrolment Steps


1.Personal/Course DetailsConfirm and/or update Personal and Course Details
2.Address DetailsConfirm and/or update Contact Address and Home Address Details
3.Emergency Contact DetailsConfirm and/or update Emergency Contact Details
4.Disability DetailsConfirm and/or update any special needs (medical condition, disability) details
5.Overseas Qualifications*Enter your Overseas Qualification Details
6.Confidentiality DetailsConfirm and/or update the Confidentiality of Personal Details
7.Student DeclarationRead and confirm that you agree with the University of Malta Student Declaration
8.Confirmation of EnrolmentConfirm your Online Enrolment
9.Confirmation EmailConfirmation Email will be sent to your University Email address


* Where applicable 


Online Enrolment FAQs


  • What is the difference between the Online Study-unit Registration and the Online Course Enrolment processes?
  • The Online Study-unit Registration is when you register for the study-units that you are expected to follow during the next academic year.  The registration period for continuing students is normally held between July and August. 

    On the other hand, through the Online Course Enrolment process, you will be confirming your intention of starting or continuing your studies at the University.  This process is to be completed at the beginning of each year of study, during October or February as applicable.

    Both the Online Study-Unit Registration and the Online Course Enrolment are available through your eSIMS portal.  You are required to complete both processes by the stipulated deadline as indicated in the communications sent from the Office of the Registrar.  If you fail to abide by such closing dates, you will be required to pay an administrative fine. 


  • The option to enrol online is not available on my eSIMS page. Why?
  • You will be given the option to enrol online when your Faculty/Institute/Centre/School confirms that you have been accepted on your preferred course or you have progressed to your next year of studies. You will be informed via email in due course.   


  • I completed the enrolment task but failed to receive a confirmation email.  Why?
  • The confirmation email is normally received within 30 minutes from completing this process.  If you have followed all the enrolment steps and the task is not visible on your eSIMS portal but you have still not received the confirmation email, you are requested to send an email, including your Name, Surname and I.D. Card Number to   


  • I have already paid my course tuition fee. What is the purpose of doing the Course Enrolment process as well?
  • Payment of tuition fees does not automatically enrol you as a student of the University.  You are required to complete the Course Enrolment process in order to confirm your intention of starting or continuing your studies. 


  • I am encountering technical difficulties accessing or completing the Course Enrolment process. What should I do?
  • If you are encountering technical difficulties or errors, please send an email to SIMS Office on the following email account and include your Name, Surname and I.D. Card Number.  



    Last Updated: 1 October 2015

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