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SIMS Office/eSIMS Portal

  • What are the responsibilities of the SIMS Office?
  • The SIMS Office forms part of the Office of the Registrar and is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of students` data and the management of the eSIMS portal. From time to time, the SIMS Office introduces new tasks in order to enhance the usability of the software which in turn results in a better online experience for students both during their course of studies and after they graduate.

  • What is eSIMS?
  • eSIMS stands for electronic Student Information Management System.  It is the portal available to University of Malta students, where you are able to view information regarding your course of studies and perform online tasks such as: 

    • Enrolling  for each academic year
    • Viewing your current/previous course details
    • Viewing your unofficial academic record
    • Viewing/updating personal details
    • Viewing messages via eSIMS intray
    • Registering for each year's study-units
    • Submitting feedback regarding lectures
    • Applying for a revision of paper

  • How can I obtain access to my eSIMS portal?
  • Access to your eSIMS portal will be given to you once you receive your letter of acceptance and activate your UOM IT Account.  The eSIMS portal can be accessed through the following link:

  • I forgot my username and/or password of my eSIMS portal. What should I do?
  • In order to reset your password or re-locate your username, you are required to input the activation code available in your letter of acceptance and read the instructions available through this link:

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    Study-unit Registration 

  • How do I register for my first year study-units?
  • First year students are to follow the instructions given by their home Faculty during the fresher’s week which is held throughout the first week of October.

  • How do I register for DegreePlus units? 
  • Continuing students will be able to register for any DegreePlus units during the online study-unit registration period (between July-August).  First year students will be given the opportunity to register online for DegreePlus units in the beginning of October.  The registration for DegreePlus units will also be available online for all University students in February (second semester).  For further information, please click here:  

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    Online Enrolment 

  • What is the difference between the Online Study-unit Registration and the Online Course Enrolment processes?
  • The Online Study-unit Registration is when you register for the study-units that you are expected to follow during the next academic year.  The registration period for continuing students is normally held between July and August. 

    On the other hand, through the Online Course Enrolment process, you will be confirming your intention of starting or continuing your studies at the University.  This process is to be completed at the beginning of each year of study, during October or February as applicable.

    Both the Online Study-Unit Registration and the Online Course Enrolment are available through your eSIMS portal.  You are required to complete both processes by the stipulated deadline as indicated in the communications sent from the Office of the Registrar.  If you fail to abide by such closing dates, you will be required to pay an administrative fine. 

  • Where can I find step-by-step instructions to help me complete the Online Course Enrolment process?
  • You can find detailed information about the Online Enrolment process through the following link:

  • The option to enrol online is not available on my eSIMS page. Why?
  • You will be given the option to enrol online when your Faculty/Institute/Centre/School confirms that you have been accepted on your preferred course or you have progressed to your next year of studies. You will be informed via email in due course.   

  • I completed the enrolment task but failed to receive a confirmation email.  Why?
  • The confirmation email is normally received within 30 minutes from completing this process.  If you have followed all the enrolment steps and the task is not visible on your eSIMS portal but you have still not received the confirmation email, you are requested to send an email, including your Name, Surname and I.D. Card Number to   

  • I have already paid my course tuition fee. What is the purpose of doing the Course Enrolment process as well?
  • Payment of tuition fees does not automatically enrol you as a student of the University.  You are required to complete the Course Enrolment process in order to confirm your intention of starting or continuing your studies. 

  • I am encountering technical difficulties accessing or completing the Course Enrolment process. What should I do?
  • If you are encountering technical difficulties or errors, please send an email to SIMS Office on the following email account and include your Name, Surname and I.D. Card Number.   

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    My Results 

  • I received an email notification that a new result was published but when I logged onto eSIMS, the mark was not visible.  What should I do?
  • When you access the Results view screen, you will only be able to view the overall result of a study-unit (i.e. when all component results have been published).  Therefore, when the Result and Mark columns are blank, it means that only a component result has been published.  In such a case, you are required to tick the radio button of the respective study-unit and click on the ‘View Study-unit Details’ button. 

  • When I click on the ‘View your current Results/Apply for Revision of Paper’ option I cannot view my past results.  How can I access them?
  • The ‘View your current Results/Apply for Revision of Paper’ option will give you details about the results of the study-units that you are registered for during the current academic year.  In order to view your previous results, you need to access the 'View your Registered Study-Units/Academic Record' option on your eSIMS portal and then select 'Your Unofficial Academic Record' from the drop-down list menu. Your unofficial academic transcript will then be accessible.

  • How can I apply for a revision of paper?
  • Requests for revision of papers must be submitted online within one week from the publication of the component results.  You will need to login on eSIMS and click on the ‘View your current Results/Apply for Revision of Paper’ option.  You are subsequently required to select the unit and click on the ‘View Study-Unit Details’ button.  Paper applications are no longer accepted. 

  • I am repeating the year and I cannot view the results of my failed year.  Why?
  • In terms of the General Regulations for University Undergraduate Awards, “the results obtained during the failed year shall not be taken into consideration for the award of the degree and shall not be included in the student's academic record”.

  • My Erasmus/exchange results are not available on eSIMS. Why?
  • It is important to submit your Erasmus/exchange results obtained from the overseas university to the International & EU Office in order that your results are processed and your records are updated on eSIMS. 

    You will be able to view your Erasmus/exchange results by logging on eSIMS and generating your Unofficial Academic Record by selecting the ‘View your Registered Study-Units/Academic Record’ option. Such results will not be listed in the ‘View your current Results/Apply for Revision of Paper’ option since this facility only applies to study-units undertaken at the University of Malta. 

  • How can I print my unofficial record of results?
  • You can print your Unofficial Academic Record by logging in your eSIMS portal and selecting the ‘View your Registered Study-Units/Academic Record’ option.  If you require an official transcript issued by the University, you will need to apply online at

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    My Records after I Graduate 

  • Following my graduation will I still be able to view my results?
  • Yes, as a graduate you will be able to access your results by logging in your eSIMS portal and clicking on the ‘View your current Results’ option. Results will remain available until December of your graduation year.  Afterwards, you can view or print your Unofficial Academic Record by selecting the ‘View your Registered Study-Units/Academic Record’ option.  

  • How do I obtain my Europass Diploma Supplement?
  • The University of Malta grants the Europass Diploma Supplement to all successful students who are awarded qualifications at undergraduate or postgraduate level.  The Europass Diploma Supplement is provided in English and is given to all graduates during the annual official graduation ceremony, together with the official scroll.

  • What is the Alumni online portal and how can I access it?
  • Any student who has successfully completed a degree, diploma or certificate is a University of Malta alumnus/a. Your alumni portal is created automatically a few days after your graduation ceremony.  The University of Malta Alumni Online aims to promote alumni affinity with the University and with each other by course, year or special interest group as well as provide alumni with ongoing educational and intellectual opportunities.  

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    General Queries 

  • Is the online account that I created through the online application for admission still valid?
  • No, the account details which were created for the online application for admission purposes are only valid for that purpose.  Once you are accepted as a University student, you are required to activate your UoM IT Account which you will be using throughout the duration of your course of studies.

  • I have lost my letter of acceptance and cannot activate my UoM IT Account.  What can I do?
  • You need to send an email to the Admissions and Records Office on and ask them to re-send you a copy of the letter of acceptance.  In order to activate your UoM IT Account, please access the link and follow the instructions provided.

  • I have been accepted to another course at the University. Do I need to re-activate my UoM IT Account? 
  • If you already have a University student email address, you do not need to re-activate your UoM IT Account.  However, if you have forgotten your username or password, you can refer to the following link:

  • I do not have access to the Internet and thus cannot complete tasks online. Can I do it manually?
  • Online tasks are not available in paper form. If you do not have access to the Internet, you may access the Internet through workstations available at IT Services.

  • I do not have access to VLE.  What is the problem? 
  • In order to have access to VLE, you need to check that you are registered for the study-units that you will be covering during the particular academic year.  You need to login on eSIMS and select the ‘View your Registered Study-Units/Academic Record’ option and generate the report entitled ‘Your Registered Study-units’. 

    If you are not registered for all your study-units, please contact your home Faculty to check your records.  If you are registered correctly on eSIMS but still cannot use VLE, please refer to IT Services’ FAQs from the following link:

  • How do I subscribe for the Text Message Notification?
  • By default students enrolled on a course are considered to be subscribed to the Text Message Notification service offered by the University. You may however decide to unsubscribe for this service and not receive any notifications. Opting out of the service means that no text messages will be sent to you and thus you cannot decide to opt out of particular messages whilst subscribing to others.  You can opt in or out of the service by clicking on the ‘View/Edit your SMS Notification Details’ option through your eSIMS portal.

  • I did not receive the email to indicate where I would like to sit for my written examinations. Why?
  • University students, who either have their Home or Contact address in Gozo, should receive an email notification to select the preferred location for their written examinations, i.e. Malta or Gozo.  If you did not receive this email, you need to login on eSIMS and check the details of your Home/Contact address from the ‘View/Edit your Addresses’ option. Please make sure that the Country and Postcode are filled in correctly. If not, please amend your details online and send an email to to notify SIMS Office so that the email notification regarding the location preference is sent to you. 

  • Would the lecturers know who submitted the study-unit feedback as I am afraid that this would influence my results?
  • No! Anonymity and confidentiality are fundamental aspects of the study-unit feedback process.  Your comments and suggestions are used in order to improve the service offered by the University to its students.  Data sent to the lecturers concerned is anonymous and contains no reference to the student’s identity.

  • How can I update my personal details?
  • There are certain personal details which can be updated through your eSIMS portal but other details can only be updated by staff at SIMS Office.  In the ‘Student Details’ container of your eSIMS portal, you can amend the following particulars:

    • Home Address, Telephone/Mobile Numbers and Personal Email Address
    • Stipend Information
    • Next of Kin Details
    • SMS Notification

    In order to update the following details, you are required to call at SIMS Office (Office Hours) with an official document such as Maltese ID card, Driving Licence or Passport:

    • Name and/or Surname
    • Maltese I.D. Card Number
    • Date of Birth
    • Nationality


    Contact Us 

  • Where is SIMS Office located and what are the office hours?
  • SIMS Office 

    Administration Building, 1st Floor, 

    Rooms 212 - 213


    The office hours are as follows: 

    Winter Hours (October - Mid June)

    08.30 - 12.30

    13.30 - 17.00

    Summer Hours (Mid June - September)

    08.00 - 13.00

    Email address:

    Postal Address

    University of Malta

    Msida MSD 2080



    Last Updated: 1 October 2015

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