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Detailed transcript (€23.00): This transcript shows details pertaining to the course, the main areas of study, the date of entry, all the study-units completed during the course and their respective results as well as the final classification and date of graduation (where applicable). Students who are still pursuing studies at the University can also apply for this type of transcript.

Verification transcript (€10.00): This transcript includes details pertaining to the course and main areas of studies pursued, the date of entry, the final classification and the date of graduation. A Verification Transcript does not include any study-unit marks and grades. This transcript is issued only after the publication of the final classification / final result and therefore cannot be issued to students who are still pursuing studies in the course.

M.Phil./Ph.D. transcript
(€10.00): This transcript is issued only after the publication of the award of the degree. It includes details pertaining to the degree, the date of registration, the date of graduation and the dissertation/thesis title.


Translation (€10.00): This document is an official English translation (from Latin) of the Graduation Scroll which was awarded during the Graduation Ceremony.

Seal (€7.00): The University Emblem is embossed on all pages of the Detailed Transcript, Verification Transcript or Translation.

Certified True Copies (€5.00): Certified authentic copies of original certificates with the original signature and official stamp of the relevant University of Malta authorised officials.
If the documents to be certified were issued at an earlier stage, applicants would need to provide the original documents upon application at the Admissions and Records Office. Applicants will be asked to complete a manual application form and pay the applicable fee at the Maltapost Branch on Campus.

Course Confirmation Letter (€3.00): A letter confirming the date of entry to a course and the current year of studies.

English Instruction Letter (€3.00): A letter, that apart from confirming the date of entry to a course and the current year of studies, also confirms that English is the language of instruction at this institution.

UOM Credits to ECTS Credits Conversion Letter (€10): This letter is tailored for students who pursued studies at the University of Malta prior to 2002/3. The letter will convert the number of UoM credits (used at the University prior to 2002/3) into ECTS credits (in use at the University after 2002 to date).

Should you wish to order your Student Record now, please click here.

When the documents are ready for collection, the Admissions and Records Office staff will contact applicants on the email address provided on the application. Applicants are to provide their ID Card upon collection.

For any queries regarding the above, please contact the Admissions and Records Office by email or on the direct telephone number: 23402233.

Last Updated: 11 October 2016

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