Development, Analysis and Simulation of Residual Aerodyamic Drag Model for a PocketQube PicoSatellite

Project: UoMBSat1 - Internship
Supervisor: Dr Ing. Marc A. Azzopardi
Status: Completed
Funding: Research Group
Student 1: Fabien Brulport
Student 2: James McElhatton
Date: Summer 2016
Sponsor: École polytechnique de Lausanne

Pico-Satellites in low earth orbit (LEO) experience a very slight amount of residual atmospheric drag due to the rarefied gases of the exosphere. This may or may not be sufficient to ensure that these satellites renter from orbit within a prescribed limit of 25 years. This study will develop and evaluate mathematical models, through simulation, for estimating the average drag on the UoMBSat1 PocketQube in order to devise what additional de-orbiting equipment will be necessary.,analysisandsimulationofresidualaerodyamicdragmodelforapocketqubepicosatellite