ThermoMechnical Analysis for the UoMBSat project

Project: UoMBSat1 - B.Eng. Final Year Project
Supervisor: Dr Ing. Pierluigi Mollicone 
Status: Completed 
Funding: Research Group
Student: Mario Bonnici
Co-Supervisor: Dr Ing. Maurizio Fenech
Advisor: Dr Ing. Marc A. Azzopardi
Date: 2016 - 2017

This project analyses various thermo-mechanical aspects related to the pico-satellite platform being developed by the Astrionics research group at the University of Malta. Among these are the stresses developed due to the unequal expansion of different but coupled materials subjected to temperature extremes. Thermal transfer and the heat capacity of the satellite is also a function of the choice and distribution of materials within the satellite. A sun-synchronous orbital model is taken into account when estimating direct solar irradiation and earth's albedo. Steady state thermal cycles are then determined numerically in order to establish the temperature variations that each component experiences over each orbit. This must be studied to suitably guide material selection and other aspects of satellite design.