About us

About us

The Climate Research Group (formerly Malta Climate Team) was started in 2008, following the efforts done by the Department of Physics in being entrusted with senior management roles in the preparation and reporting of the First and Second National Communications to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change executed by the MEPA on behalf of MRAE/Government of Malta from 2001-2010. The team is gaining momentum in the various activities that have been set up, and has transferred to the Department of Geosciences. An understanding of the structure and variability of the climate system is a central role in climate research.

A numerical weather prediction model, called WRF, has been installed as well as two regional climate models (RCM) called PRECIS and RegCM4 on the super computer cluster, ALBERT, available at the University of Malta. With these facilities we are offering research projects going from undergraduate to post doctoral level. The contribution to the international scientific community will be through new experiments, testing and developing components of the models. We are inviting scientists at various stages of their career to join us.

Our research interests

  • Development of chemistry of an aerosol module in a RCM
  • Implementation of code for new chemical reactions in a RCM
  • Improvement of RCM performance over small Islands
  • Regional analysis of meteorological extremes
  • Development of Air Quality predictions over Small Islands
  • Develop new Physics experiments with WRF
  • Participation in EU funded projects

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