Discoveries: changing biodiversity

In discovery of changing biodiversity: 25 years of research and awareness

The Conservation Biology Research Group (CBRG-UM) at the Department of Biology, University of Malta, has over 25 years of experience in biodiversity research and awareness that has led to numerous discoveries and achievements.

Led by Prof. Adriana Vella, diverse aspects of the species found on and around the Maltese islands have been elucidated together with the threats many of these creatures are facing. From freshwater crabs, bats, hedgehogs, to reptiles (terrestrial and marine), dolphins, whales, fish and many other marine and terrestrial species, the CBRG-UM has paved the way to greater knowledge and awareness toward effective strategies for their protection using various research tools.

Conservation research demands expertise in various scientific skills with many hours of research work but also intense collaboration with stakeholders. The CBRG-UM has been successful in this by involving the Armed Forces of Malta, Transport Malta, the Ministry for Environment, fishermen, scuba divers and other sea-users, together with the BICREF NGO and the interested public at large.

After 25 years it is possible to see the fruits of this work by the numerous scientific discoveries, from knowing more about our local endangered and vulnerable species to devising best methods to detect the different threats such as alien species, fragmenting and degrading habitats to pollution sources including underwater noise pollution. Climate change is also impacting and changing biodiversity at an alarming rate.

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