University of Malta staff, students, or anyone else planning to carry out research under the auspices of the University, must complete the Research Ethics & Data Protection (REDP) online form.

Ahead of completing the REDP form, please read the UM Research Code of Practice  and the UM Research Ethics Review Procedures. Refer to the relevant Frequently Asked Questions too.

**Note** There is a full replica of the form which can be downloaded. Use this to become familiar with the format and requirements of the REDP Form before beginning your application.

The REDP form guides applicants through 4 parts:
  1. applicant and project details
  2. self-assessment checklist
  3. detailed evaluation
  4. submission details.
Part 3 (Detailed Evaluation) will be shown only to applicants who flag an issue in the self-assessment checklist. In such cases, applicants must elaborate on the issue flagged and seek FREC permission prior to data collection. In all other cases, applicants must submit the form to FREC for filing and audit purposes, and may commence research directly.

Send any feedback on this form to

UM's Research Ethics Review Procedures, apply to all those undertaking research on the University’s premises using its facilities, or on behalf of the  University, including staff, students, visiting or affiliate staff, associates, contractors and consultants. However, the University  Research Ethics Committee (UREC) also provides ethics and data protection reviews to non-University of Malta applicants, including commercial entities.

Such external applicants need to fill in the online form and to submit by email (together with relevant ancillary documentation) to the appropriate Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC) depending on the area of research, clearly indicating that this is an external application. Refer to the list of FRECs

A non-refundable fee is charged for this service as follows:

  • external non-commercial researchers: EUR 95
  • commercial rates: EUR 350 for standard review. Comprehensive reviews by quotation.
Non-commercial applicants may pay using the online form. A copy of the receipt is to be appended with the application when this is submitted to the FREC.