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Title: CALYPSO-FO – CALYPSO HF Radar Monitoring System and Response against Marine Spills in the Malta Channel Follow On

Start date: 14 May 2015

End date: 31 December 2015

Coordinator: Prof. Aldo Drago


CALYPSO-FOCALYPSO Follow On built on the success of CALYPSO, which led to the installation of a network of three HF radars to monitor the sea surface currents in the Malta Channel. The main aims of CALYPSO Follow On were to install a fourth HF radar in Ragusa, and to make meteo-marine data accessible to the public.

The Physical Oceanography Research Group was responsible for the development of a smartphone app, KAPTAN, which allows users to view the sea surface currents mapped by the radars. Users can also view other parameters, such as sea surface temperature (observed and forecast), wave parameters (forecast) and atmospheric conditions (forecast), providing an aid to mariners for safer navigation in the stretch of sea between Malta and Sicily.

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