SDC – SeaDataCloud

SDC – SeaDataCloud

SDC – SeaDataCloud: Further Developing the Pan-European Infrastructure for Marine and Ocean Data Management

Start/End date: 1 November 2016 - 31 October 2020

Coordinator: Prof. Aldo Drago

SeaDataCloud aims to build on the achievements of its predecessor, SeaDataNet II, which saw the development of a pan-European infrastructure for managing, indexing and providing access to marine-related data products from various observational activities in the European coastal marine waters, regional seas and global oceans.

One of the main objectives of SeaDataCloud is to make the existing data infrastructure more robust by using current technologies, such as cloud computing and high performance computing technology. Furthermore, standardisation of data will be implemented by enforcing data management standards, such as ISO and W3C, on the data included in the services offered. This will ensure improved services to users, as well as interoperability with other data sources.

The Physical Oceanography Research Group is involved in three work packages of this project. This endeavour will further enhance the experience of the Group in oceanographic data management, and will further support the national role for sourcing, archiving and providing wider access to local quality-controlled marine data sets. The project will serve to enhance the base of local metadata and data by seeking out data providers and facilitating their inclusion under the Sea Data Cloud framework.