SeaDataNet II

SeaDataNet II

Title: SeaDataNet II - a Pan-European Infrastructure for Ocean and Marine Data Management

Start date: 1 October 2011

End date: 30 September 2015

Coordinator: Prof. Aldo Drago

The objective of this project was to upgrade the SeaDataNet infrastructure into an operationally robust and state-of-the-art, Pan-European infrastructure for providing up-to-date and high-quality access to ocean and marine metadata, data and data products originating from data acquisition activities by various coastal states. This was achieved by setting, adopting and promoting common data management standards, and by realising technical and semantic interoperability with other relevant data management systems and initiatives on behalf of science, environmental management, policy making and economy.

The PO-Res.Grp was responsible for the archival and management of oceanographic data relating to the Maltese Islands. In this project, the Research Group formed part of this European virtual ocean data system, and will continue to maintain the local oceanographic databases, and update their structure to make them compatible with the central databases. These local databases can be currently accessed online through the Malta Blue Pages.