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Spot the Jellyfish

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Title: Spot the Jellyfish

Prof. Aldo Drago
Prof. Alan Deidun


The IOIKIDS Spot the Jellyfish initiative aims to increase awareness, especially amongst the younger generations, about the local diversity of jellyfish species, through a hands-on exercise involving the reporting of sightings of jellyfish that often swarm close to our shores and beaches. This initiative enjoys the support of Maltese tourism authorities (MTA) and a number of local and regional ENGO's. A user-friendly interface ( is available to enable the submission of jellyfish reports by members of the public and the visualisation, in real-time, of the geo-referenced jellyfish sighting reports. Two jellyfish species (Porpita porpita and Aequorea sp.) were recorded for the first time in Maltese waters as part of the initiative.

This activity forms part of the IOI-KIDS project which originates from an initiative of Prof. Aldo Drago to help children, youth, community groups, and teachers across the world share ideas, projects, and experiences about the sea. IOI-KIDS was developed with the support of the International Ocean Institute (IOI) through its Women and Youth Programme. The website features appealing visual content on the marine environment through interactive educational games and resources, informative articles, quizzes, and video features, including contributions from young authors, teachers, and individuals.