Two artists represent Malta at Venice Biennale 2019

Professor Vince Briffa and Dr Trevor Borg from the Department of Digital Arts, Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences, together with Dr Klitsa Antoniou from Cyprus University of Technology, are representing Malta at the prestigious Venice Art Biennale.

The launch of the Malta Pavilion took place on Friday 10 May and it has already attracted many favourable reviews and top-ten listings. The Malta Pavilion entitled ‘Maleth/Haven/Port- Heterotopias of Evocation’ has drawn the praise of various leading art magazines including Frieze and Christie’s. The Malta Pavilion was also listed among the top ten must-see Pavilions by FAD Magazine, Aesthetica and Finestre Sul Arte. According to Arts Council Malta, the Commissioner of the project, ‘The Malta Pavilion’s performance at the Venice Biennale 2019 has raised expectations for Malta as a world-class player on the international contemporary art scene.’ The exhibit provides an immersive reinterpretation of our timeless need to seek a Haven (Maleth).

Professor Vince Briffa’s video, sound and water installation entitled ‘Outland’ is inspired by Homer’s Odyssey and seeks to redefine the notion of home. The work is a metaphor for the anxiety brought about by our constant quest to redefine ourselves and our relationships, and our refusal to be confined within a defined comfort zone.

Dr Trevor Borg’s installation entitled ‘Cave of Darkness – Port of No Return’ consisting of a meticulously researched collection of real animal bones, ceramic reproductions and 3D printed pieces suspended from a large-scale structure, re-imagines the story of the earliest creatures and civilizations that migrated to Malta.

The Venice Biennale is open till 24 November 2019.