Frequently Asked Questions

Calls for proposals are issued regularly by various funding bodies, including the EU Commission and its DGs / Agencies, private companies, the Fusion Programme managed by MCST, Territorial Cooperation programmes and foundations. Such calls and relevant information are circulated on the Newspoint as well as on the RSSD website. Furthermore mailshots are sent to Resident Academics and Research Support Officers. Each call has its own guidelines, work programme and proposal forms on their website which we advise you to go through carefully. Please contact us for further information.
Prior to forwarding the proposal documents to RSSD by email, you need to look into the proposal to see whether the project topic is of interest, whether you have the necessary resources and whether participation would be beneficial to you and your department before deciding to proceed. If you have any queries, please include them in your email to RSSD and the relative team member will contact you shortly.
All such documentation requires signature by our Rector as the Legal Representative, for these documents to be legally valid. RSSD will initiate the internal approval process, whereby the documents will be reviewed from a Technical, Human Resources, Financial, Legal and Knowledge Transfer points of view. You will be contacted for clarifications if necessary. As soon as Rector signs, you will be notified by RSSD and will forward to you for inclusion in the proposal documents. Refer to our internal deadlines.
No. Only the Rector, Prof. Alfred J. Vella is the Legal Authorised Representative for the University of Malta and therefore is the only representative authorised to sign documents on behalf of the University of Malta. Any other person who signs documents renders the document without any legal value and therefore non-binding.
The Rector always assigns a delegate to act as the Authorised Representative in his stead. Normally such delegate would be one of the Pro-Rectors.
This is dependent upon the extent of support required and the size of the project. If support is required to develop an idea, finding a call and building a consortium, RSSD needs to be involved as early as possible. 
For the rest of our internal deadlines please refer to our notice.