AstraZeneca Open Innovation

Preclinical Toolbox – access to preclinical drugs 
AstraZeneca is offering compounds with optimised pharmacological properties for preclinical research that will advance scientific knowledge by exploring novel disease biology. The protein targets of these small molecules are known, and thus, AZ is interested in either further studying the disease or to identifying new diseases applications for these molecules.
Closing date: ongoing
Target Innovation 
AstraZeneca is offering biologist the possibility to access their 250,000 compound library. Researchers with a well-established assay and interested in identifying a small molecule that binds to a known biological target are eligible to apply. The screening occurs at an AZ site using a state-of-the-art automated high-throughput facility. The best hits are studied further in a collaborative project. 

Clinical Table of Compounds
AZ also offer the chance to access small molecules that have reached a clinical phase in their R&D program. They are interested in repositioning these compounds. Hence, clinical researchers are invited to submit proposals for targeting novel diseases that contains the same biological targets for which these small molecules were originally designed.