Proposal preparation info

RSSD assists University of Malta academics in the research proposal preparation stage. The below provides an idea of the support provided.

Writing Project Proposals

Check out our latest presentation on Writing Winning Proposals  by Angie Mifsud.

A proposal is often required in order to gain a grant or funding for a proposed project. All proposals should contain some essential elements within them in order to ensure that serious consideration is given to the idea. A good-quality project is usually feasible, sustainable and relevant to the funding programme.

Reviewing some sample proposals can help you to determine what should be included within your proposal. Access examples of successful proposals as submitted by University of Malta resident academics.

For experienced resident academics

It is advisable to consider the following guidelines when preparing a project proposal:

  • read all documents related to the call for funding
  • include information that supports the objectives of the call, national and regional priorities
  • identify the beneficiaries and stakeholders
  • include a needs analysis with a collaborative approach
  • provide a clear methodology that includes what will be done, how, when and the resources required
  • check out the resources and financial capacities of your department to participate in the project
  • where applicable, use the results of previous projects and their outcome.

For less experienced resident academics

Make sure that you follow these steps:

  • plan your project proposal as early as possible
  • collaborate with experienced partners both foreign and local
  • gain experience as a project partner before moving on to lead a project
  • keep your focus on tasks and quality assurance
  • communicate with partners and attend meetings
  • forward your project proposal to an experienced resident academic before submitting. A number of mentors are available within the University of Malta who can help you out on this. 

Further information may be obtained by contacting the Research Support Services Directorate.

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