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The University of Malta has approximately 350 laboratories; these include teaching labs, research labs and service labs. A number are located at the Msida Campus while others are situated at the Gozo Campus, off-site institutes, facilities and stations in various other areas on the Maltese islands.   

The teaching laboratory is an important means of instruction to support concepts being taught in the class setting. It also plays an important part in instilling curiosity, an attitude of objectivity, precision, investigative skills, application and critical thinking amongst others. As a result, many departments, institutes and the Junior College are equipped with teaching labs in various disciplines ranging from the arts to sciences. 

Academic and applied research is a top priority at the University of Malta. With the increase of research programmes and applied funding research laboratories have become of utmost importance. More about ongoing research at the University is available on the Research Website.

Apart from the teaching and research labs, specific University laboratories are engaged in specialised laboratory and consulting services with public or private sector organisations and companies. The earnings made through such services is channeled towards the upkeep and upgrading of the University’s laboratories. 

Four members of the RSSD team are dedicated to coordinating projects that are applicable to the University laboratories across the board.

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Last Updated: 8 February 2019

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