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Would you fly on an airplane if you knew that the airline company does not follow standard procedures for maintenance and operations? Creating a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) confers numerous benefits to any organisation and here are some of them:

  • Consistency and Organisation – SOPs organise your operations by providing a structured way of doing things and even more it creates consistency in the way processes and tasks are performed.
  • Communication – Properly written SOPs clearly communicate responsibilities to all employees and everybody will know what is expected of him/her.
  • Training Tools – SOPs make training much easier and can be regarded as self-training tools. Moreover they ensure that the knowledge acquired is never lost.
  • Increased Productivity and Performance – When documents, forms, checklists, and records are well written and implemented and are followed by proper training, the productivity and performance of an organisation increases.

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a set of written instructions that document the routine activities followed by an organisation. The development and use of SOPs are an integral part of a successful quality system as it provides stakeholders with the necessary information to perform a job properly, and facilitates consistency in the quality and integrity of a service, product or end-result.

The Research Support Services Directorate (RSSD) is responsible to manage SOPs that describe both technical and administrative elements of the research facilities within the University of Malta.

Click here to download SOPs.

Click here to access templates of logbooks and registers that are part of SOPs.

RSSD is to be contacted for guidance on how to write and launch SOPs for the individual Faculties, Departments, Institutes and Centres.

** It is very important that when Appendices or Forms are to be used, a new copy is downloaded every time from this website to ensure that you are using the latest version.
**Superseded SOPs cannot be used and are to be deleted from your personal folders. 


Last Updated: 29 October 2018

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