Quality and ISOs

The laboratory is a complex system, involving many steps of activity and personnel including academics, researchers, technical support personnel and students.

The complexity of the system requires that many processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are written and followed to ensure that the laboratory is working to its best capacity. Implementing some form of Quality Management System in a laboratory is therefore very important for achieving good performance in terms of accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of the reported test results. 

Depending on the function of the laboratory, different quality management systems may apply. One such system is the ISO/IEC 17025 which is an internationally recognised laboratory standard aimed towards testing and calibration laboratories and is intended for labs carrying out analysis based on defined methodologies or labs that offer calibration services. This would be an ideal quality management system to implement in labs that perform services to industry. 

At RSSD we offer support to labs to implement and sustain lab practices of quality.

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