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Rules Regulating the Award of Travel Grants.

A Travel Grant is a subsidy to offset a part of the expenditure on study related travel and cannot be understood as full compensation for all travel expenses.

Applications for Travel Grants are available from the Secretary’s office throughout the year.

It shall be the students’ responsibility to ensure that the application form is received at this office by not later than one month after the date of return, and not later than the 18th October.  In the case that the return from the visit is later than the 18th October, the application should be submitted before departure.

Acceptance for visits and other study programmes abroad does NOT imply the provision of financial assistance by the University.

The selection criteria for awarding grants are:

  1. The visit for which the application is submitted must be related to the applicant’s studies, no grants are awarded to applicants traveling on business/ leisure or other activities not related to their academic studies. However students traveling to do some form of voluntary- community work would also be supported.
  2. Travel Grants will not be made available to students who travel on behalf of officially recognised Student Societies.  Such funding should be made available from the relative Student Society, which may benefit from a separate scheme.
  3. First time applicants may be given priority over students who have previously been awarded a Travel Grant.  Multiple awards during a student’s stay at University may be made only if funds permit.
  4. A good recommendation by the Head of Department must be submitted (in case of voluntary-community work, recommendation may also be made by the Pro-Rector)
  5. No awards to students that may receive alternative assistance from Erasmus Grants.
  6. Applicants who terminated their studies at University are not eligible for a travel award.
  7. Late applications will not be considered.

Application & Payment

  1. The Application Form is in five parts, applicants must complete accurately and clearly (in ink) only Sections One to Four.  Section Five is to be filled ONLY by the Head of Department.
  2. Mark or fill in the empty spaces as directed.  Do NOT put a dash, cross out, or leave a whole section blank, as your application shall be invalid.
  3. Applicants are to declare their sources of funding in full.  Consequently, STUDENTS WHO FAIL TO FILL IN SECTION THREE OF THE APPLICATION FORM WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
  4. A non-refundable application fee of €3.50 is payable with each application at the Maltapost University Branch.  Applicants are to ensure that they retain the receipt in respect of the application fee.  The receipt number is entered in the application form.
  5. In the case of applicants travelling on group visits, which should be sponsored by a member of the academic staff, each student must fill in an individual application on the prescribed forms.  Copies of official invitations, programmes and formal agreements are to be attached.
  6. Applications in respect of Traineeships and Clerkships have to be accompanied by the necessary documentation on the visit.
  7. Students Travelling on IAESTE and other long-term course/traineeships are also required to provide official information (including all relevant details of such trips).  All IAESTE applicants should always produce a fully completed Form ‘O’, together with the acceptance/confirmation note as Documentary Confirmation of the visit.
  8. MD and Health Science students on clerkships are to produce their card of acceptance from their hosting Institution for verification.
  9. Students receiving remuneration for their services abroad should also provide official information regarding income (or equivalent tax rates) to which they may have been subjected.
  10. Applicants must make their own arrangements for the visit and ensure that they have enough money to pay for their stay.
  11. Applications are vetted by a Committee, which includes student representation, whose decision shall be final.
  12. Any Communications regarding this application form should be addressed to the Secretary.



Applicants cancelling their visit are to inform the secretary.  Cancellation must be made in writing to:

      Student Affairs Committee
      Rm106, Gateway Building
      University of Malta.
      Tel: +356 2340 2847/ 2340 3096


  • First week of May issue call for Application for Grants (Jan - Dec) of same year
  • Closing date application 18 October
  • mid-November to mid-December meeting to decide allocations
  • inform University Finance to issue cheques 
  • once cheques are ready inform students about awards





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