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Lecture Schedules for Academic Year 2017-18 Semester 1


BIO1010 Cellular and Biochemical Basis of Life [Updated 24-Nov-2017]

BIO1020 Diversity of Life: Animals

BIO1050 Molecules and Life

BIO1100 An Introduction to Marine Biology

BIO1300 An Introduction to Fisheries and Aquaculture

BIO1500 Introductory Applied Biology

BIO1523 An Introduction to Industrial Microbiology

BIO2040 Ecology and Ethology 1

BIO2041 Ecology 

BIO2070 Biochemical Strategies of Life

BIO2500 Design of Biological Investigations

BIO2530 Ecology and Ethology 2 [Updated 30-Nov-2017]

BIO3022 Parasitology

BIO3023 Microbiology and Immunology

BIO3080 Introduction to Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fisheries and other Biological Resources

BIO3090 Environmental Applications, Informatics and Management 

BIO3110 Final Year Project in Biology 

BIO3130 Genetics and Developmental Biology 

BIO3132 Studies in Genetics 

BIO3300 Biotechnology 2 

BIO3510 Conservation Genetics 

BIO3550 Plant Systematics 

BIO5003 The marine environment: biological patterns, processes and resources 

SCI3501 Academic Writing and Statistical Techniques for Scientific Research (Dr. Sandro Lanfranco)

SCI3501 Academic Writing and Statistical Techniques for Scientific Research (Dr. David Paul Suda)

SCI3502 Professional and Technical Skills for Scientists [Updated 21-Nov-2017]

MSc (Research) and PhD application deadlines
Application Deadlines for Academic Year 2017/18 
Giant Glowing Halos around Distant Quasars
Unexpected Giant Glowing Halos around distant quasors
Last Updated: 30 November 2017

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