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Studying Biology in our Department  … Opportunities

Never like today has Biology been so visible and so important to us. Pollution, skin cancer and the ozone layer, genetically engineered strawberries, test tube babies, the fate of whales and dolphins, dinosaurs, extraterrestrials. You name it … it's Biology.

Biology, or the study of life, is exciting. But it is most of all relevant to each of us individually and to our society in general. This is more so in the case of small island states like Malta, with very limited environmental resources, the highest population density in our region and with so many biology-related issues on our national agenda.

The Department of Biology (Faculty of Science) provides courses to students following the B.Sc. (Hons) degree course, as well as postgraduate courses leading to M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees.  

Many of our graduates are currently employed in a wide range of jobs and professions. These include professions related to the following:

  • Food and other industries
  • Fish Farming and Fisheries
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Medicine-related professions
  • Environmental planning and management (Environment and Resources Authority, etc)
  • Science teaching.


BSc third year students attending a briefing session on rocky shore ecology 


On the basis of world-wide recognition of our degrees, our graduates and postgraduates have been accepted to continue their studies in a wide range of overseas institutions in Europe, the United States of America and elsewhere.

A growing number of international students are following courses in our Department, especially postgraduate degree courses leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. These overseas students are attracted by our track record as well as by the facilities and expertise we are able to offer in a wide range of fields of study. For further details, please contact the International Office of our University.



A researcher using SCUBA diving to collect data in the vicinity of a fish farm 


Further details about admissions and entry requirements may be obtained form the Departmental Office or the Office of the Faculty of Science.

Teaching at the Faculty of Science is organised on the modular system, which means that our courses consist of a number of study-units, each allocated one or more credits.  Such a modular system is just one convenient way of organising our programme of studies, and throughout the course, the unity of Biology is stressed. 

You may view a catalogue of study-units offered by our Department. Some study-units are also offered to non-biology students from the Faculty of Science and other faculties. Each study-unit description includes recommended texts, reading lists and reference works. 



Secondary school teachers who attended a CPD field biology course organised by the department 


We expect our students to learn how to make good use of our Library facilities, how to critically appraise lecture material, and how to contribute constructively to class discussions. 

You will be awarded top credits only if you show evidence of extra reading and original thought which goes beyond regurgitation of lecture material. We assess your academic progress through periodic assignments, tests and various other methods as indicated in the descriptions of the respective study-units. You are advised to observe the deadlines set by your tutors for handing in any assignments and reports.  



Collecting data during coastal vegetation fieldwork 


Make it a point to daily check our Departmental Notice Board which may carry information about any changes in our schedules and time-tables as well as other important notices. 

In case of any difficulties, you are encouraged to approach the Departmental Secretary, your tutors or the Head of Department.

The Department organises an annual Symposium, seminars and other activities. Our students participate wholeheartedly in such activities.



Last Updated: 12 December 2017

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