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Some hard to find publications by Prof. Patrick J. Schembri on the biogeography of the Maltese Islands, on Maltese biodiversity and its conservation, and on the Maltese natural environment. [PDFs]

Schembri, P.J. & Sultana, J. (eds) (1989) Red data book for the Maltese Islands.Valletta, Malta: Department of Information; viii + 142pp. + plates I-VIII. Click Here 

Schembri, P.J. (1992) Diversity and conservation of the non-marine molluscs of the Maltese Islands. In: Giusti, F. & Manganelli, G. (eds) Abstracts of the Eleventh International Malacological Congress, Siena 1992. pp.195-198; Siena, Italy: University of Siena. Click Here

Schembri, P.J. (1993) Physical geography and ecology of the Maltese Islands: a brief overview. In: Busuttil, S.; Lerin, F. & Mizzi, L. (eds) Malta: food, agriculture, fisheries and the environment. [Options Méditerranéennes ser.B: Etudes et Recherches Nº7] pp.27-39; Paris, France: CIHEAM; 192pp. Click Here

Schembri, P.J. (1994) Natural heritage. In: Frendo, H. & Friggieri, O. (eds) Malta culture and identity. pp. 105-124; Valletta, Malta: Ministry of Youth and the Arts; ix + 272pp. Click Here

Stevens, D.T.; Lanfranco, E.; Mallia, A. & Schembri, P.J. (1995) Biodiversity conservation and utilisation in the Maltese Islands. Paper presented at workshop on Identifying and monitoring biodiversity and its utilisation in Commonwealth small island developing states. Commonwealth Science Council, Valletta, Malta 30 October - 3 November 1995. Click Here

Schembri, P.J. (1995) Threatened habitats as a criterion for selecting coastal protected areas in the Maltese Islands. Rapport du Congrès de la Commission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la Mer Méditerranée 34: 128.Click Here

Mallia, A. & Schembri, P.J. (1995) Detecting low-level sewage pollution using rocky shore communities as bio-indicators. Rapport du Congrès de la Commission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la Mer Méditerranée 34: 140.Click Here

Schembri, P.J. & Lanfranco, E. (1996) Introduced species in the Maltese Islands. In: Baldacchino, A.E. & Pizzuto, A. (eds) Introduction of alien species of flora and fauna. [Proceedings of a seminar held at Qawra, Malta, 5 March 1996], pp.29-54. Floriana, Malta: Environment Protection Department; 77pp.Click Here

Schembri, P.J. (1997) The Maltese Islands: climate, vegetation and landscape. GeoJournal 41(2): 115-125.Click Here

Schembri, P.J. (1999) Marine Protected Areas in the Maltese Islands: status and problems. In: Briand, F. [ed.] Scientific design and monitoring of Mediterranean marine protected areas. [CIESM Workshop Series No.8] pp. 45-47 (text), 55-59 (bibliographic references). Monaco: Commission Internationale pour l’Exploration Scientifique de la mer Méditerranée (CIESM) 64pp.Click Here

Hunt, C.O. & Schembri, P.J. (1999) Quaternary environments and biogeograpgy of the Maltese Islands. In: Mifsud, A. & Savona Ventura, C. [eds] Facets of Maltese prehistory. pp. 41-75; Malta: The Prehistoric Society of Malta, viii +243pp.Click Here

BIOMAERL Team (2003) Conservation and management of northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean maerl beds. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 13 suppl.1: S65-S76.Click Here

Schembri, P.J. (2003) Current state of knowledge of the Maltese non-marine fauna. In: Malta Environment and Planning Authority Annual report and accounts 2003. pp. 33-65; Floriana, Malta: Malta Environment and Planning Authority; 92pp.Click Here

Schembri, T.; Fergusson, I.K. & Schembri, P.J. (2003) [published 2004] Revision of the records of shark and ray species from the Maltese Islands (Chordata: Chondrichthyes). The Central Mediterranean Naturalist 4(1): 71-104.Click Here

Many works are available for download from ResearchGate (click here). 

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