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In recognition of the international Year of Chemistry, the Department of Chemistry of the University of Malta, in collaboration with the European Patent Office, held a seminar on the 15th of February 2011 which was entitled:

Chemistry and Intellectual Property - Catalysing Innovation

More information is available:

    1. The Journey
    2. Patents: A protection Tool
    3. Why Do Patents Exist?
    4. Patentability
    5. Procedures
    6. Espacenet
    7. Strategy
    8. Introduction to IP Management
    9. Patents and Generic Medicinal Products
    10. IP Issues in the Local Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

National Chemistry Symposium

The Department of Chemistry will be hosting the National Chemistry Symposium 2019. 

Fentanyl First Responders' Guide
The Department of Chemistry has launched a booklet about Fentanyl - Safety recommendations guide for first responders. Download the digital version.
Last Updated: 31 March 2011

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