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The Department of Chemistry interacts with industry in a number of way, from contractual work to a one hour lecture or seminar by an employer.


Contractual Work


The Department of Chemistry can offer a number of chemical services as well as physical tests to other Departments within the Univeristy of Malta and enterprises outside the University. The Department of Chemistry offers many  services either as one-off activities, contiuous service or contracted research.


For more details about the the facilities and contacts, please refer to our facilities page.


Knowledge Transfer


The Knowledge Transfer Office of the University of Malta has been set up to to assist the University and academic members of staff to define and protect intellectual property as well as commercially exploit research results,  participate in externally funded and collaborative research projects and also to seek  financing for corporate research initiatives.


If you are a business and wish to work with our department, th KTO may be able to help.




The  Department has now had a number of years' experience at placing students with a wide range of companies in various roles.


As well as gaining invaluable experience for themselves, our students can quickly become a member of your team – taking on the role and responsibilities of a junior employee.


Often, the knowledge and experience gained on a  placement is not lost. It is common for a placement student to maintain ties with their placement company  re-join your company with the minimum of training.


If you are interested in taking on placement students or finding out more information, please contact the Department.


Employer Participation


To compliment our placements programme and improve the employability of our students, we are interested in involving employers throughout a programem of studies. This may range from a one-off  seminar to a series of workshops to equip the students with skills for use in their professional life.


This, of course, is of great value to both the students and employers - giving  the latter the opportunity to highlight their specific field to prospective future employees and provide to them with the skills to excel should they join your company.


If you would like to discuss these ideas further please contact the Department.




Recognition is a very important part of the human psyche. It spurs people to perform better and excel. It is with this in mind that the Department of Chemistry at the Univeristy of Malta would like to show reconition for student achievement.


Besides the Achievement in Chemsitry award from the Oxford University Press, Students excelling in Organic Chemsitry are awarded the Medichem Organic Chemsitry Prize. The award of Eur 500 is awarded to the student with the highest overall achivement in organic chemistry throughout his/her studies.


If your company woudl like to sponsor similar prizes in other fields, please contact the Department.




the driving force behind development in various industries and fields is research. Globally, industrial research and development accounts for a significant portion of technological progress. However, academic research plays an important and  unique part.


If you would like to find out more about the research our department is currently involved, please visit our research pages. If you have a specific research proposal in mind or would like to discuss the possibilities of funding research further please contact, the University of Malta Research, Innovation and Development Trust.

National Chemistry Symposium

The Department of Chemistry will be hosting the National Chemistry Symposium 2019. 

Fentanyl First Responders' Guide
The Department of Chemistry has launched a booklet about Fentanyl - Safety recommendations guide for first responders. Download the digital version.
Last Updated: 13 March 2016

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