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Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry of the University of Malta, has 9 academics engaging in a rich variety of research. The members of the department have links with industry as well as international universities and research networks. These links help sustain their research. Members of the Department of Chemistry engage in the following research fields:

Analytical ChemistryAnalytical Chemistry

Main research activities in this area are the development of analytical techniques for pharmaceutical products, natural product analysis, chemoinformatics and preparation of indicators and molecular logic gate sensors.

Prof. Claude Farrugia | Prof. David Magri

Computational ChemistryComputational Chemistry

The Department has quite a reputation in this area which focuses on the modelling of auxetic materials and other materials with negative properties such as negative thermal expansion.

Prof Joseph Grima | Dr Liana Vella Zarb 

Environmental ChemistryEnvironmental Chemistry

The research involves studies mainly in the Maltese environment. These involve analysis for chlorates, pharmaceutical residues, persistent organic pollutants and also heavy metals.

Prof. Alfred Vella | Prof. Emmanuel Sinagra

Inorganic ChemistryInorganic Chemistry

There a number of areas of interest in this cornerstone discipline of chemistry. Research is focused on organometallics, lanthanide chemistry and chemistry of air-sensitive compounds.

Prof Ulrich Baisch

OrganicOrganic Chemistry

The research interests in organic chemistry are organic synthesis, with a particular interest in green organic synthesis, organic photochemistry and molecular engineering of molecules for supramolecular chemistry as well as novel sensors. 

Prof. Robert M. Borg | Prof. Giovanna Bosica | Prof. David Magri

Polymers, Colloids and InterfacesPolymers, Colloids and Interfaces  

Departmental research in this area includes studies in physical chemistry of proteins in solution, interaction of proteins with surfactants, nanoparticle dispersions, powders and surfactants.

Prof. Emmanuel Sinagra | Prof. Claude Farrugia

solidstateSolid State Chemistry

Research ranging from elucidating structure of materials used in the cultural heritage as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients using both single crystal and powder crystallography to crystal engineering of various materials.

Dr Liana Vella Zarb 


Besides the above fields of research, the academic staff of the Department also engages in other research activities through collaborative relationships with other departments at the University of Malta, notably the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry and  the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering.


National Chemistry Symposium

The Department of Chemistry will be hosting the National Chemistry Symposium 2019. 

Fentanyl First Responders' Guide
The Department of Chemistry has launched a booklet about Fentanyl - Safety recommendations guide for first responders. Download the digital version.
Last Updated: 30 May 2018

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