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Continental Shelf Dynamics
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i.  Sediment dynamics in the Catalan continental shelf: Shelf landforms have been mapped in detail to yield insight into past and present shelf dynamics and shelf to canyon sediment exchanges (Duran et al., 2013; 2014). 

ii. Evolution of submerged palaeolandscapes of the Maltese Islands: Diverse and well-preserved terrestrial and coastal palaeolandforms (palaeoshorelines, terraces, valleys, collapsed caves, Holocene deposits) were reconstructed from a study of shallow seafloor around the Maltese Islands (Micallef et al. 2013; Foglini et al., 2015). These were used to propose a landscape evolution model for the last glacial cycle, which has implications for archaeological and palaeo-environmental investigations in the central Mediterranean. 


Multibeam bathymetric map of a submerged collapsed cave offshore north-eastern Malta. 


iii. Outer shelf seafloor geomorphology along a carbonate escarpment: Analyses of geophysical, sedimentological and visual data from the eastern Malta Plateau have shown that the outer shelf of a submarine carbonate escarpment bears evidence of widespread geologic and geomorphic activity, most of which is directly linked to escarpment-forming processes (Micallef et al., 2016).

Last Updated: 26 January 2018

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