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  • Seafloor Exploration Training Course – held since 2013, this is a 2-week course that provides a comprehensive introduction to the theoretical, scientific, technological and operational aspects of seafloor exploration and surveying. It combines focused and intensive theoretical classes with hands-on practical sessions in the laboratory and on a research vessel. The course is organised together with Highland Geo Solution and GBT Offshore.
  • Study-units at Master's level
       GSC5200 Geology I 
       OMS5001 Scientific Baseline of Oceanography  

  • Study-units at undergraduate level
       PHY1201 Science of the Solid Earth 
       PHY3212 Science of the Ocean Floor 
       PHY3217 Acoustic Remote Sensing and its Application in Marine Science 
       PHY3205 Short Review Paper and Seminar 
       PHY5008 Physics Seminar 
       BLH4010 Science and Materials Science for Conservation

The group also offers opportunities for research in marine geosciences at Master's and Ph.D. level. Interested students are invited to contact Aaron Micallef to discuss potential postgraduate projects.



Last Updated: 20 April 2016

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