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The Geophysics  Laboratory (GL) is housed in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Malta. Our interests are many, but centre around wave propagation and applied geophysics. Particularly, we are interested in extracting information from data for imaging and understanding the subsoil surfaces and gaining information on their physical properties. These kind of studies have several applications such as:
  • seismic site effects and seismic microzoning studies
  • non-invasive geophysical methods to investigate archaeological sites
  • dynamic properties of buildings
  • characterisation of slope instabilities
  • non-invasive geophysical methods to investigate karst environments.

The GL team has gained experience in applied geophysical studies conducting studies all over the Maltese islands and also overseas in collaboration with other leading institutions. 

The Geophysics Lab at the University of Malta includes a range of equipment for near-surface and crustal-scale geophysical imaging. Seismic sensors and recording equipment include:
  • 1 SOILSPY ROSINA multichannel digital system (17 vertical and 17 horizontal geophones) for active and passive seismic surveys
  • 2 Tromino Engy portable seismographs 
  • 1 Tromino portable seismograph
  • 1 Nanometrics Trillium 120s compact broadband seismometers and 1 Taurus digitizers
  • 2 Nanometrics Trillium 120s broadband seismometers and 2 Taurus digitizers (part of the permanent Malta Seismic Network)
  • 1 Streckeisen STS-2 Seismometer,  1 Quanterra Q4120 data logger, and 1 SeisComP PCbox, digitizers (part of the permanent Malta Seismic Network)
  • 1 Kinemetrics Episensor accelerometer (part of the permanent Malta Seismic Network)
  • a GEM systems Overhauser proton magnetometer
  • 1 portable GPS GARMIN Etrex-30.