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Ph.D. Programme

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For further information about the Ph.D. course, please contact the Head of Department. See also here for regulations and bye-laws.

Master's Programmes

The Department of Mathematics offers an M.Sc. by teaching and research.

The purpose of this degree programme is to consolidate the Mathematical knowledge obtained in the Bachelor’s course and to enable the student to specialise and do research in select branches of Mathematics.

The course shall be offered in areas of study in which the Faculty can offer expert guidance and supervision and subject to the availability of resources as determined by the Department of Mathematics.  

Students are required to write a dissertation based on work of an advanced or original nature performed by students during the Course and the presentation of their findings and conclusions in a scholarly manner.


The M.Sc. degree in Mathematics comprises a taught component and a research component.

In the taught component, the student chooses 60 ECTS (Option 1) or 30 ECTS (Option 2) from a list of elective study-units.

In the research component, the student writes a dissertation worth 30 ECTS (Option 1) or 60 ECTS (Option 2) on the chosen topic. Generally speaking, the dissertation deals with topics related to the taught component.

For the latest course programme, please consult the University's Course Finder.

For a list of topics of recent M.Sc. dissertations, please look at the page on the Department's research.

Further information about the M.Sc. course, including regulations and bye-laws, is available on the Faculty of Science website.

MSc (Research) and PhD application deadlines
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