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Freshers' Meetings 2018-19
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Faculty Meeting

Tuesday 2nd October 

Meeting for students with the Dean, Prof Charles Sammut at 10.15 am in MP401 (Maths & Physics Building).

Departmental Meetings

Wednesday 3rd October

Chemistry 9 -10am CHB327 (Chemistry Building)

Biology 10 - 11am NBRR  (Biology Building)

Mathematics 11- 12pm MP401  (Maths & Physics Building)

Physics 12 - 1pm MP216  (Maths & Physics Building)

Geosciences 1 - 2pm MP216 (Maths & Physics Building)

Statistics 1 - 2pm MP602  (Maths & Physics Building)

Philosophy 10.30  - 11am OH122 (Old Humanities Building)

Computer Science 12 - 1pm ICT Computer Lab 1 (Room 7, Block B, Level 0, ICT building).

MSc (Research) and PhD application deadlines
Application Deadlines for Academic Year 2017/18 
MSc and PhD applications deadlines
Application Deadlines for Academic Year 2018/19
Freshers' Meetings 2018-19
Freshers' Meetings 2018-19.  It is of utmost importance that students attend these meetings.
Giant Glowing Halos around Distant Quasars
Unexpected Giant Glowing Halos around distant quasors
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